Rosalva Jazmín Luna Ruiz from Sinaloa was Miss Mexico 2004 and took part in Miss Universe 2004 held in Ecuador, where she was a semifinalist.

Beauty and serenity are qualities of Rosalva who won the 6th. National crown for her State and being the first woman from Sinaloa to be semifinalist in Miss Universe.

Nowadays she is working in her State Government as Public Relations; she occasionally is involving in pageant as host or taking part as a judge.



Find out what happened with Rosalva as beauty queen in this exciting interview!


Hello Rosalva, before everything I want to thank you for this interview and I want to show you the respect and admiration that we beauty contests fans feel for you.



Rosalva Luna, Miss Mexico 2004

1.- When and how did you discover yourself to be beautiful?

I think that beauty has its dimensions since I was little girl, to me beauty was through my dolls, later I used to admire my sisters and girlfriends, only few times I went to the mirror and wondered if I was beautiful physically.

I knew I was a woman with some qualities such as being tall and thin but I hadn’t exploited the vanity of physical beauty until the moment I was “sued” in Nuestra Belleza (Miss Mexico), it was then when I started thinking that I could be a beauty queen.

Although to me, beauty is to commute towards others the best of us which is our attitude and feelings.


2.- Before participating in beauty contests, Had you been interested as a fan, or had you ever dreamed of being a queen?

I always liked them. When I was a kid I used to watch contests on TV. I loved to see those women so beautiful, so stylish, they really impressed me.

I must confess that the part I like the most was the final question and I used to imagine what I would have answered if I were competing. When Marisol Gonzalez won I was watching the event lying on a couch.

The first impression I had when she was being crowned was saying to myself what a beautiful woman, but I never imagined that on the following year it would be me the one winning, and that the woman that I saw being crowned a year before would be the one handing over the crown to me. Life really gave me a wonderful gift.


3.- What was your first impression when you started participating in Sinaloa, your home State?

It was really surprising, everything was really quick. I was “sued” and Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa Committee went from Culiacan to Los Mochis to meet me. They told me I had to participate, they try to convince me but I had some doubts about it. I talked to my family about it they got very excited and convinced me of participating.

I represented Los Mochis and that is how I competed for the title of my state. I had no experience in modeling, I was completely dedicated to school, I was studying law at Universidad de Occidente. I never thought that I was going to win.

When I saw myself holding hands with one of the contestants and right in that moment when they were about to announce the winner, in that very moment I asked God to let me win. I realized that if I was already competing I had to give all my effort to do it right and God granted me that privilege, I won the title for my state.


4.- Where did the State final take place and who was your roommate?

It was in Culiacán and my roommate was a very cute girl from Culiacán.


5.- As a beauty queen representing your state, Did you attend many activities? And if so, who took your place and did the activities you were supposed to do before winning the National contest?

Well what I remember is that when I won the National contest I went immediately to Mexico City. I guessed that the girl who was 1st runner up assumed some commitments. I always accepted all the invitations to events that took place in Sinaloa.

I attended to them very happily because that way I could collaborate with my State and visit my family at the same time at least a weekend because I had to go back to Mexico City immediately.


6.- When you were in the National contest. How did you feel?

I was looking forward to winning like the rest of the participants. It wasn’t only me the one competing now but also my State, I was very proud for carrying the band of Sinaloa. I tried to do it the best I could but it was really hard. I was again holding hands now with Nuestra Belleza Nuevo León and I hesitated that I wasn’t going to win but God granted me one more time with the title and blessed me with that wonderful triumph that I won’t ever forget.


7.- Who was your roommate and who did you make friends with?

My roommate in Mexico City was Nuestra Belleza Tlaxcala and I really made friends with many of the girls.


8.- Who did you think could have won the crown?

All of them were beautiful, each one had her own style but definitely, the top 5 were the ones that I always thought would be competing for the crown.



9.- Tell me about that famous reaction when you won? What did you think in that moment? Did you think that the representative of Nuevo León had won?

I won’t ever forget that moment. I wasn’t thinking of anything at all, my mind got blank. To me it was too wonderful to think that God was blessing me again, I asked Alejandra at that moment: did I win?, it was very funny, I think many people saw it, I forgot that thousands of people had their eyes on me, it was the least thing I had in mind.

The only thing I wanted her to do is to confirm that I had won and be sure that what I had just heard was true. I had become the ultimate symbol of beauty for my country.


10.- Once you won the crown of Nuestra Belleza Mexico (Miss Mexico), What were your main commitments?

We had some interviews for TV and radio, it was a great moment, I realized everything was real, I remembered Lupita (Lupita Jones, National Director) allowed me to go to Los Mochis to visit my family and friends, they offered me a very warm welcome in my State, they welcomed me with a party, I loved to see how people went close to me to ask for an autograph, to me that was something very unusual, but I also realized that I had a huge responsibility, I had to prepare myself to represent all those good people who trusted in me and like me wanted that our country was recognized internationally in beauty pageants.


11.- What did you do the day before going to Quito, and tell me; during the flight, How did you feel? Did you retouch your make up? (laugh) tell me everything about it.

The day before, my mom and sister helped me pack my suitcases, my mom made a fabulous dinner for me, I went to bed really late, I slept a little but I didn’t care about it, I got up really early to get ready and be on time the first day of the battle to reach that crown so longed for, I did my trip with my band on. People at the airport were very surprised looking at me like that and they asked me for a picture with them.

The time of the flight was really short, Miss Uruguay and me got at the same time to Ecuador, there were some people from the Miss Universe organization waiting for us to take us to the hotel. There were many people of the press waiting to take photographs of all the participants arriving, the following day I saw a huge picture of my face in a newspaper, I was very happy to see it. I know I was on the right road.

Rosalva at the Mexico City International Airport and arriving in Ecuador along with Miss Uruguay


12.- Once in Ecuador, How did you feel? Did you ever feel unsure or weak?

I never felt unsure I prepared myself to always be positive, I knew my attitude could make me win and I also had clear what weapons I had to be successful, I tried to take advantage of my qualities, but if I am realistic I knew the competition was hard. I wasn’t ever disheartened I struggled until the end, the hard thing was to convince that first jury.

There were too many women with the same goal, the big difference was that not all of them were eager to win, all of them were really beautiful but I knew I couldn’t get lost among them, so my job was that that first jury noticed me, I had to convince them that I and my country deserved to be among that limited number of 15 finalists and I did it.


13.- How did you get along with Latin girls, especially Miss Venezuela?

It was a comradeship relation and with some of them I could make friends. Miss Venezuela was my roommate, she was one of the women who really wanted to win, the first day she gave me a great lesson; we had an appointment on the following morning, let´s guess at 6 am. I calculated the time I needed to get ready when woke up Ana Karina was more than ready, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Can you imagine how anxious I was? I was going to start to get ready, but the important thing about it was that there was no day in which I woke up earlier. I remember with great affection to Ana Karina.


Miss Venezuela was Rosalva's roommate



14.- Who were your favourite ones to be at the top 15 and who did you think would win?

There were a lot and I was surprised of some others classifying, I didn’t expect it but I was very glad of the final result. Since I saw the girl from Australia I thought that she could be Miss Universe and I wasn’t wrong.


During Miss Universe 2004 in Quito, Ecuador



15.- When 14 of the 15 finalist were selected already, did you think that the final spot belonged to Venezuela and not to you?

I couldn’t deny it, I was doing my accounts and when they named the 14th finalist, I honestly thought it could be Miss Venezuela, but thank God things were different, that spot was mine and I knew that I had earned it because I hadn’t stopped struggling not even for a second to get it and I really feel proud because of that.


16.- What did you have in mind when you heard Mexico at the very last of that list?

I still remember the voice of the announcers saying Mexico!!!, oh my goodness! That is something I won’t ever forget, I was very proud I felt my heart was about to explode out of excitement and happiness, there were many years that Mexico didn’t figure on the finalists, and I had done it, the run of bad luck had ended for us Mexican girls, and the most important I demonstrated that when things are done with love, passion and attitude there’s nothing that cannot be reached.


Top 15 announcement during Miss Universe 2004

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17. Once the 15 finalists were selected and backstage, what is the reaction or feeling you had from those not classifying?

Everything was really quick, the 15 classified went immediately to our dressing room, we had little time to be on stage again, but I remember that some of them were really sad and no wonder, some others were rather relaxed waiting for the final result through the monitors.


18.- How did you feel the support from Mexican people in Ecuador?

They made me feel supported, I never felt alone, on the contrary they gave me strength for not falling down no matter how tired I was. Knowing that many people had traveled from their city just to support me was something that made me get up everyday, seeing them when we practiced made me happier. I remember a guy in the streets with the Mexican flag and yelling: “Viva México” that made me shake of proud for my country.


 "I remember a guy in the streets with the Mexican flag and yelling: “Viva México” that made me shake of proud for my country" says Rosalva


19.-After your participation, have you gone back to Ecuador?

No, but I hope some day to be able to do it, I will surely cry for the excitement when I remember those marvellous moments that I spent in that country.


Rosalva is named top 15 and taking part in evening gown during Miss Universe 2004

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20.- Back in Mexico, How did the media welcome you?

Really good, there was some press waiting for me at the airport and some people wishing to congratulate me, I had some interviews later with the press.


21.- How did you feel when you handed the crown over both in Sinaloa and San Luis Potosí?

I was happy and very sensitive at the same time, a very beautiful stage in my life had come to end, but I knew it was time to give the opportunity to someone else to go on struggling to get that crown that all Mexicans wish, the road was ready, I had reached that people notice Mexican girls again and I really feel proud that it was me the one who did it.



22.- After all these experiences you have lived, What has it meant to you to be Nuestra Belleza Mexico?

To me is one of the most precious gifts God has given to me. Something I won’t ever forget, because it meant a very big challenge in my life, since being a young girl studying college without a kind of experience in beauty pageants or modelling.

I got transformed not only physical that at the end that is not the most important but soul transformation, I matured and reconfirmed that all of us can reach our goals no matter how hard it seems to be.


23.- I know you are a beauty pageant fan; Would you like to be in charged of the state coordination or be a trainer?

It would be cool to do it, in fact, everytime I can I try to help and give advice to the girls that have the desire to participate in Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa, I like to do it because with the experience I had in Nuestra Belleza Mexico it is easy for me to identify the girls that could do a good job in Nuestra Belleza.

I always try to make a call to the National winners to congratulate them for their triumph, I try to help them in what they ask for, but well at this moment it would be hard for me to be in charge of the committee State Nuestra Belleza Sinaloa, since it is hard for me because of my job.


24.- Nowadays, among the past beauty queens who do you keep in touch with?

With many of them, we don’t talk really frequently because all of us have our own commitments, though. But everytime it is possible we say hi through messenger and that’s the way we keep in touch.


25.- What do you do now?

I am a public relations manager of the office of the governor of Sinaloa, and I am planning to go to study and work in Canada.


26.- What message would you give to beauty contests fans?

First of all to thank them for all the support, their good comments and good wishes have always helped me and I asked them to go on contributing so beauty pageants get better everyday and in benefit of all women. I take advantage this opportunity to send a warm hug and the best of my love to all of them.



Rosalva thank you very much for this entertained interview, you are the queen who made vibrate thousands of Mexicans hearts, it won’t ever forget the most exiting top 15 for Mexico, the staff of wish you the best in all your projects.


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Interview by Jesús Rábago (Greenwich)

Photos courtesy:
Pepe Medel, Sergio Ríos Santana, internet

Special thanks to Adal González


published by August 20, 2008








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