Marisol González Casas was Miss Mexico and represented her country at 2003 Miss Universe Pageant held in Panama, though the fans considered her a favorite she was not favored by the judges.

Nowadays Marisol is the face of Televisa Sports, the network leading in Spanish language in the world.

She is so far, the only Miss Mexico from her State, Coahuila. After her reign she carry on with her career as a model and working in Mexican soup operas. Always sweet, always beautiful.


We invite you to know more of Marisol in this interview she kindly granted for us.



Hello Marisol, it is an honor for me to be able to do this interview in order to get to know a little more about you and also to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Nuestra Belleza Mexico (Miss Mexico).


On the contrary, thank you for your support and respect.

To all Missologists, greetings and God bless you.




Marisol González, Miss Mexico 2003

1.-  When and how did you discover yourself to be beautiful?

I’m flirtatious by nature, but I’d say that at the age of thirteen I started to notice it  he he he they would invite me to modeling events, I liked it very much and felt that I could make it in the world of beauty.


2.- Before participating in beauty pageants, were you interested in them or did you dream of becoming a beauty queen?

I think all women dream of being a queen, and when I was a girl I loved watching these pageants and saw these women as life-size dolls…it was magical. I think that I thought of it so much that I began visualizing it.


3.- What was your first impression as a candidate when you started in Coahuila?

There wasn’t a pageant held in Coahuila, instead I was designated the state’s representative.

Greta, who participated a year before, told me of her experience; I admired all she had done and even though I was starting in beauty pageants, the more I learned of them the more I loved them.


4.- Where was your crowning?

I was directly crowned at a hotel in Torreon, and my life has changed since that day.


5.- As your state’s titleholder, did you have many activities?

No, because it was held shortly before the National pageant. Actually, it was more of a preparing and learning process.


6.- When you arrived at the Nationals, how did you feel?

I saw many beautiful, prepared and confident women that I felt a bit nervous but at the same time motivated to give more than just physical beauty, because I knew that I had lots of inner beauty to give.


7.- Who was your roommate and who were your best friends?

My roommate was Mariel of Aguascalientes, she’s so cool. I became friends with Sofia of Durango because I had already met her in Torreon. With Liz of Sonora, Ana Karina of Tabasco, Maria Felix and Erika Honstein also of Sonora. I got along with all of them and was very lucky to be in such a wonderful group.


8.- Who did you feel could take the crown?

Without counting my beautiful friend Blanca, who won a crown, I felt that either Paulina Almada of Morelos or Miriam Ferro of Tamaulipas could win.

presione sobre la foto

Nuestra Belleza México 2002 contenders (press on the picture to enlarger)


9.- What did you think the next day when you realized you had won a National crown for Coahuila?

I felt that everything was a dream. I was so happy and couldn’t believe it, and I could only give thanks to God and enjoy the feeling that kept me going on.


10.- Once you had won the Nuestra Belleza Mexico title (Miss Mexico), what were your main activities?

Interviews on television shows, photo sessions and assisting at public events; it was intense right from the start.

Crowning as Nuestra Belleza México 2002 (Miss Mexico)


11.- What did you do the day before you had to leave for Panama and, tell us, how did you feel during your flight?

I was extremely nervous. I believe it was a mistake to have pressured myself so much because I didn’t enjoy it the way you should. I put all of my effort into it but I lost a lot of that Marisol who was courageous and a winner. I belittled and pressured myself too much.


12.- During Miss Universe, did you and the other contestants really have enough time to enjoy and get to know Panama?

Yes, because everything is like a dream. They took us to the best places and I enjoyed it very much; Panama and its people were great hosts and I came back with a good image of them.


13.- How did you get along with the other Latinas, especially Misses Venezuela, Argentina and Dominican Republic?, Who was your roommate?

Extremely well, especially with Misses Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala and my roommate, Miss Argentina.
To this day, I still keep in contact with them and feel great to see them more beautiful and radiant.


Taking part in Miss Universe 2003 in Panama



Marisol González, Miss Mexico 2003 during Miss Universe, nowadays she is the face of Televisa Sports, the network leading in Spanish language in the world.

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14.- Who were your favorites to make it to the top 15 and who did you believe would be the winner?

I had many favorites, who didn’t even make it to the top 15, that I’d fall short if I made a list. The same goes for the winner, but I loved Amelia (Amelia Vega, winner of Miss Universe 2003) and she will always be a beautiful queen.


15.- When they had mentioned all the semifinalists and Mexico wasn’t called out, what was your impression?

It was horrible…I felt that my whole world went tumbling down. I looked at all of those who had supported me and to see their faces made me feel even worse. I want to cry every time I remember it and I’ve struggled a lot to overcome that feeling. Now I understand and thanks to that I have learned many things.


"I felt that my whole world went tumbling down. I looked at all of those who had supported me and to see their faces made me feel even worse" -Marisol’s declarations when her name was not named as one of the top 15 in Miss Universe-


16.- Once the 15 semifinalists have been selected you go backstage, what is the reaction or feeling you perceived from those girls who also did not make it?

Sadness…anger…tears. Many didn’t want to go back out on stage but, like the saying goes: “The show must go on”.


17.- If you could change anything regarding your participation in Panama, what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t pressure myself so much, enjoy it more and not lose the positive and flirtatious Marisol that I once was.


The aspirants to the title of Miss Universe 2003 were patiently waiting for the spectacular live opening with the famous "Victory" by Bond Girls from the Figali Conventions Center in Panama City


If you could change anything regarding your participation in Panama, what would it be and why?

"I wouldn’t pressure myself so much, enjoy it more and not lose the positive and flirtatious Marisol that I once was"


18.- What do you think of Oxana Fedorova, Justine Pasek and Amelia Vega?

Oxana is a beautiful and angelical woman who should have taken more advantage of her reign but Justine came along to take advantage of it; from what I’ve learned, she’s a woman who transmits peace and humility.

Amelia is a great woman who has shown us that when you feel like a queen…you become one. All three are beautiful, each one with her own style and qualities. I also admire them because they have taken advantage of their inner beauty as well.


19.- When you returned to Mexico, how were you received by the media?

Good, they were very respectful and always had words of encouragement for me.


20.- How did you feel to learn that there wouldn’t be a Miss Coahuila present at the 2003 National pageant? 

I thought it was a waste of beauty because, without a doubt, there are beautiful women in Coahuila with great possibilities of winning the crown. But that time served its purpose because after that the pageant has been well organized and a culture for pageants has emerged in Coahuila, so I’d say it served for the better.


21.- Do you agree that some states shouldn’t have representation at the National competition?

Nothing would be better than to see all the states competing, and there are a lot of girls with potential, but the thing is to encourage them to participate he he he.


22.- How did you feel giving up your crown in Morelia?

Very sad. At the same time, fortunate of the gifts that life gives you and most of all, motivated to fight for my new dreams.


23.- After living all these experiences, what does being Nuestra Belleza Mexico mean to you?

A great opportunity, one of the best things that life has given me and, mostly, a great experience in my life that keeps giving me lots of surprises and lots of beauty.


24.- Would you like to be in charge of the Nuestra Belleza Coahuila organization or become a coach for the misses?

I prefer to support them from the outside and help out whenever possible. I love to talk about my experiences, my mistakes and faults so they will not commit them and to motivate them as well. I think I’d be a great psychologist he he he.


25.- Nowadays, do you keep in touch with any former state, national or international beauty queens?

Many have become good friends. I mostly get along with and love Blanca Zumarraga, but some good friends are Silvia Salgado, Carolina Moran, Rosy, Felicidad, Tania Vasquez, Tatiana, Jacqui, Lety Murray, Dafne whom I adore as well. There are too many, but these are the ones that have left an impression.


26.- Have you had any contact with former Miss Mexico or Miss Coahuila?

Yes, with the ones I mentioned above. From Coahuila with Melissa, Greta and Ale Mena are the ones I get along with the most.



working in Televisa Sports, the network leading in Spanish language in the world

27.- What are you doing these days?

I am the image of Televisa Deportes. Working and traveling a lot. I’m happy with this new stage and facet in my life.


28.- Have you become friends with one or many fans?

Yes, with quite a few of them. I’m thankful to them because they always support me and are like my angels and best friends.


29.- What message would you give to all the fans of beauty pageants?

That their support is very important to us and to keep motivating the misses, because I have learned a lot from my fans. Try to always give constructive criticism because we do take things to the heart.

Most importantly, give thanks and to tell you that I like guys so much and you can always count on me as a friend!!!

God bless you and, of course…




Thank you very much Marisol for this interview, thank you for sharing your memories, the staff of wish you good luck and success in all your future projects.

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Interview by Jesús Rábago (Greenwich)

Photos courtesy:,, Pepe Medel, internet

Special thanks to Alvaro Favela


published by August 20, 2008



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