Dafne Molina Lona from Mexico City was Miss Mexico 2005 and represented her country at Miss World 2005 held in China, reaching the second position and named “Queen of the Americas”.

For second time Mexico reaches the finals in the second most important pageant, Miss World and it is a beautiful girl from Mexico City who did it.

When Dafne got the crown Miss Mexico World in the National contest, she did the best to continue with the good results that Mexico had had in Miss World the previous year, and all the effort comes with success, for first time in the history, Mexico is Miss World first runner up!.

Dafne nowadays is working as a model and takes part in altruism.

Don’t miss this interesting interview with Dafne Molina, the Mexican queen who almost win Miss World



Hello Dafne, to me it is a real honor to be able to conduct this interview to get to know a little bit more about you and also to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Nuestra Belleza Mexico pageant.


Don’t mention it, Thank you for considering me and offering me this space.



1.- When and how did you find out you were beautiful?

Look, it is not a discovery per say, it is just a matter of the attitude you assume when you realize that you can do things well, and you decide to start something for your personal enrichment.


2.- Before you competed in beauty pageants, had you felt any interest in these events as a fan? Or had you dreamed with the idea of being a beauty queen?

Yes of course, as a matter of fact I think it is more common in families where there are people who encourage you to watch these sort of pageants, my grandfather used to say “I want my grand daughter to become a beauty queen”


3.- What was your first impression as a delegate when you competed for the Nuestra Belleza Mexico City pageant?

It is very funny because my mom says “I have a daughter that I want her to be a Miss” then I got an appointment in the headquarters of the NBM and I was chosen by designation, after that they call me on the phone to let me know that I was going to be the queen of my state and that is how I got to be the proud queen of Mexico City.


4.- As a state queen, did you have a lot of activities? And if that was the case, who got to fulfill your duties as state queen when you went on to represent us at the Miss World pageant?

Well, my designation was around the end of May 2004, they took my pictures and that was pretty much it; I didn’t do much as queen of  DF  because it was almost immediately from the moment I was crowned to the moment I had to go to the concentration.


5.- When you arrived to the nationals, how did you feel?

See, here in Mexico city, it was very funny, because obviously I am from here, and I live here, so then, I was appointed to arrive to the host hotel in Mexico city at 2 pm, and my family and my boyfriend came to say good bye, and it was somewhat interesting that living in the same city, I had to stay in a hotel for over two weeks.

About how I felt, It is not that I felt more or less than anyone else, I had already been in two modeling competitions, One I had won and the other one, I had lost, which helped me to arrive with my head well set over my shoulders about competing in these sort of pageants, so I focused instead in getting to know the other delegates and thank God I got a great batch of delegates in Nuestra Belleza Mexico and also in the Miss World pageant.


Dafne Molina won the title of Miss Mexico World 2004 and Laura Elizondo Miss Mexico Universe 2004

6.- Who was your roommate and who did you become closer friends with?

In both Mexico city and San Luis Potosi, it was Miss Sonora, Carolina Karam, a wonderful girl whom by the way won the miss congeniality and we got along really well. But the one I got closer with, to a point that we are like sisters was Miss Coahuila, Melissa Cantu.

I also became friends with Miss Guerrero, Priscila Avellaneda and other more like the girl from Veracruz and the hostess from San Luis Potosi, and of course with Laura Elizondo, because she and I saw things that nobody else knows about, just her and I.


7.-. How was your relation with Laura Elizondo?

As I mentioned before, what Laura and I got to live was simply unique, or course we had some small disagreements by silly things but I would always tell her “ you and I are going to completely different pageants, so we have to support each other” and that was the was it always was, as a matter of fact, if Laura and I hadn’t clicked, I wouldn’t have taken the choice of moving in with her sine I had the option of staying in my own house. But we had a good time together. She is a friend that I still remember and to this date we keep in touch.


8.- Who did you feel could have won the crown?

I think that anyone could have taken it all, everyone of the delegates that competed with me had something that could have made them win.



9.- In a more personal side, do you think that all the delegates of Nuestra Belleza Mexico want to go to the Miss Universe pageant?

See, that is a very difficult question, but I honestly can say that I always wanted to go to the Miss World because I could see my style more reflected on that pageant. Although it is true, most of the girls want to go to the Miss Universe because it is the most seen in America and we are more used to it.


10.- What crossed your mind the day after you won the right to represent us at the Miss World 2005?

I felt so strange, like uncertainty about what was going to happen to me, my life had turned 180 degrees, thank God I had already finished my degree in interior design, so the I didn’t have any other commitment and I thought “ What is going to happen with my life?” It changes everything, for the better.



11. As Nuestra Belleza World, What were your main duties?

Basically it is our preparation, English lessons, catwalk, acting, y when the pageant is approaching then you check the outfits, questions, prepare the hand over of the crown, the speech, farewell presentations, etc. But to be honest, all day I was so busy taking lessons of things that I wouldn’t even think I would be taking such as for example public speech and so.


12. What did you do the day before you went on to China?, tell me, How did you feel in the flight?

I can’t remember well, I was extremely nervous for sure, because it is not a regular trip in which you just take a holiday, I believe that I prepared my luggage, I had three giant suitcases and the national costume.

Besides that, the flight was super long and it even got delayed and I had to stay for nearly 24 hrs in Hong Kong and jst when I arrive to that airport, the first delegate I saw was Miss Aruba, and we hanged out, from Hong Kong to Sanya, China, the flight was filled with Misses.


13. How was your relationship with the Latinas and who was your roommate there?

Well see, in Miss World, they divide you by continents and you are always with your own group; in your teams, as well as in your rehearsals, swimsuit sessions, everything always is with your group, and in mine, everyone spoke Spanish, the only ones that couldn’t were Guyana and Canada, because Miss USA was from Guadalajara.

My roommate was miss Nicaragua. And about miss Venezuela, Susan Carrizo, she was the one most of us were most afraid of, she came with like 85 pieces of luggage, etc, etc. and in reality, yes she was stunning but at the end of the story she was one more girl, like the rest of the contestants, and to this day we keep in touch, she is amazing.


14. Who was your closest friend in Miss World?

I became super close with Costa Roca, we even lend dresses to each other. Also with miss USA, she even came to Mexico and I took her out for dinner, Lizeth is a wonderful girl, Miss Colombia too among others.


15. Who were your personal favorites to make the top?

I thought that Leonora from Costa Rica was going to win my spot in the top (laughs) but in general all of them are stunning, they would even tell me “Just look the girl from Congo” but I would reply, no, we are all beautiful and are the ones that our countries chose to sent.


16. How did you feel at the Beach beauty competition?

Look, I knew I wasn’t going to win because there were 105 girls with amazing bodies, but I feel that my self confidence helped me a lot because to be honest, I was enjoying it all the way, and I was really surprised to be named in third place.

Taking part in swimsuit competition where she was finalist


17. How did you feel when you were holding hands with miss Canada when they were about to reveal the finalist from the Americas?

Anything could have happened, I trusted God’s will because I gave 100% of myself and I didn’t regret anything, not the dress nor how I walked, nothing, I enjoyed the competition to the max. But to be honest, I did tell myself, “I got to win”


18. When the top 15 was chose, and right behind the stage, What is the reaction of the feeling you got from those who didn’t make it?

Naturally, it is very sad, there are some of them who don’t really care as much, and there are others who cry and cry and don’t want to come out on stage again, because they tell you all the work they did in their own country. But at the end of the day you do realize that it is a contest and there is only one winner.


19. If you could change something about your performance in china, what would you change and why?

Absolutely nothing, I am very happy and satisfied with my performance, because I enjoyed it a lot.


Dafne during Miss Mexico and Miss World 2005

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20.- What is your opinion of Unnur Birna (Miss World 2005) and Maju Mantilla ( Miss World 2004)?

Unnur is a wonderful girl, very cute, I was very happy because I got to meet her how she truly is, very serene, good body and a really cute face, with lots of charm, in the case of Maju, she felt really connected with us because we all shared the language, the continent, and as expected she got along really well with Miss Peru and we would ask her, How did you do it? Tell us!, and she always gave us lots of support.


Dafne Molina is Miss World 2005 first runner up



21.- When you came back to Mexico, How were you received by the media?

They received me very well, they gave me a lot of support, besides that, it wasn’t until I got back that I found out that I was the second Mexican ever to be a finalist in the history of the Miss World pageant, so then as you can imagine, I felt really well. My most sincere appreciation and respect to the media, because they really helped me.


22.- How did you feel when you gave up your crown in Aguascalientes to the following queen?

I felt really sad, and at the same time, sort of strange because I was been greeted and congratulated and in reality I had not done anything yet, as I was about to leave for China, but after that I went to Tampico and there is where I felt all the nostalgia, they would even joke me saying “Dafne doesn’t want to give up her crown” (laughs).


23.- As queen of the Americas, did you have any duties?

I received an invitation to go to China again, but when the trip was about to happen, it got cancelled, so I didn’t really have any events with Miss World.



24.- After all these mementos and experiences, What has it meant to you to have been Nuestra Belleza World?

It is a real milestone, a change for the better, I feel more mature, as a model especially since my name is well known now.


25.- Would you consider taking over the coordination of the Nuestra Belleza Mexico city pageant of be a pageant trainer?


I had never thought about that until now that you mention it, but I would certainly be happy to offer my support to the new contestants.



26.- Have you ever had any chance to get in touch with former beauty queens from Mexico?

I met Ana Martin and I learned that she also went to the Miss World in the 60’s


27.- What do you do nowadays?

Right now I got my degree as an interior designer, but I don’t practice, I am working as a model and starting a new stage in my life as a TV presenter, learning a lot and very happy. I am also working with some foundations.


28.- Have you become friends with any of the beauty pageant fans?

Yes, I have been able to have contact with some, and I am very happy that they approach me to know what I do, it is so nice, Even through my Internet page www.dafnemolinalona.com I have made some friendships.


29.- What message would you give to the fans of beauty pageants?

More than anything, I would give them my most sincere thanks, because they offered me their unconditional support, it is amazing that they believe in you, that they protect you and for that, I truly thank to the ones I know and even more to the ones I don’t know. T is great that they are there to support us, to you I thank you for making this kind of interviews to me, Rosalva and the rest, and thank you again for your space.



We are very proud of you Dafne, you put Mexico on the map of beauty pageants in Miss World, thank you very much for granting to elanecdotario.com this interview and share with fans your memories. You are an unforgettable Mexican.


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Interview by Jesús Rábago (Greenwich)

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