11.- Who, in your opinion, where the favorite delegates for the Miss Universe crown?

Venezuela and Colombia always do well.  I also liked Italy, and Sweden. 
Miss Sweden was my roommate.  She is an amazing person.  We were very lucky to be paired together.  It worked.

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Miss Universe 1994 Contestants (click on the picture to enlarge it)


12.- Do you recall any funny anecdotes during the rehearsals or even the final morning of the telecasted show?



13.-Who was your roommate, who did you hang out with the most?

see above …


14.-What was the most difficult moment for you during your stay in Manila?

It was an intense five weeks including rehearsals, appearances, keeping a good attitude, and dealing with the extreme heat.  I think the most difficult thing for me was to keep focused on the goal of winning.  We were tired.  It really was non-stop.  

The contenders of USA, Canada and Mexico during photo shooting



Evening gown and swimsuit competition in grand final of Miss Universe 1994

15.-Black…that color seemed to be either your lucky or your favorite pageant color…black bikinis, black evening gowns, black cocktail dresses…why?

Black is one of my favorite colors, but the primary reason that I chose to wear it was to be consistent.  Judges get to see you only for brief moments in person, and on stage.

I felt that if I looked consistent, they could remember me.  I wore a pink bikini at USA, and a blue swimsuit at Universe.


16.-Can you remember any significant moment during your preliminary interview with the judges?? Who was the toughest one?

I love the interview process, and I continue to believe that it is the most crucial part of competition.  At Universe, the judge from the Philippines was most difficult for me.  I don't know why, but I felt like we couldn't connect.  I tried.


17.-The top 10 names are to be announced…how sure were you about your chances of making the semifinals?

I don't think you are ever SURE that you will be selected.  I did my best, and hoped to be selected.  It's a crazy time.

18.-Where there any surprises? Did you feel certain delegates should have made the cut, and did not? I recall for example a huge media coverage over Miss Belgium, Miss Mexico and Israel…

Honestly, I don't remember.


During evening gown competition with the "little sisters"



Miss Universe 1994, top 10 delegates


19.-After the judges' questions, do you think you would have answered something different?

Yes, I often wonder why I was so serious during my top six question about my mission in life.  I was a high school teacher at the time, and focused on the kids.  I stand by what I said about helping children, but I was so formal in my answer.  I must have been nervous.

My mission in life then and now is to make our journey in this life easier for each other.  Being nice, supportive, and non-judgmental is so important.


20.-Sushmita Sen, Miss India, won the crown of course, what was the delegates' reaction to her triumph…was it a surprise…?? Did you get a chance to meet and share time with her? (I believe you lived together as Miss USA and Miss Universe…?)

I didn't get a chance to hang out with her much.  Even though we lived in the same Los Angeles building, she was traveling a majority of the time.  I never saw her.




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