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in Miss Estonia beauty pageant

17.- Please, tell us why you decided to enter the Miss Estonia Pageant?

My childhood dream was to participate at Miss Universe. At the age of 8 I saw Miss Universe on TV and I told my parents that one I will be on that stage; of course they just smiled.

At the age of 18, I stepped into the office of Miss Estonia and said I want to go to Miss Universe, of course the National Director smiled as well. I made the top 10.





logo "dancing with the stars ", Estonian version

18.- Kristiina, please tell us what have happened after Miss Universe in your life?, where are you living now and what are you doing?

As I was the first Miss Estonia who made the Top 10, it gave me a lot of publicity and commercial work. The pageant opened my eyes for the world – we are all the same.  I changed the University and graduated the electronic media department, majoring in television production. I work as a television producer and host.

I am the host of the Estonian version of “Dancing with the Stars” and I am raising my 18 month old son Airon.




Kristiina has been producer and host of Miss Estonia





Host "Dancing with the Stars " in Estonia


19.- If you had a child, would you allow at your daughter to join a beauty pageant?

It is the great opportunity to test yourself and to gain a unique experience for a life time. For a small nation representative, it is one of the options to try the glamour of the red carpet.


20.- Do you have a favorite Miss Estonia?

By now there are 20 of us. The selection is not mine, but the fans and people. But we are all good friends and meet each other some times at the fashion shows or events.


taking part in severals fashion show in her country


21.- Is it your first time in Mexico?, Have you been in others cities in Mexico?

I was in honey moon in Mexico 2004. I traveled with my husband all over the Mexico and I visited the ruins of Chizhen Itza and Teotihuacan. So being back in Mexico in May, remind me many lovely memories. Mexico is a special place for me.

her honey moon was in Mexico in 2004


22.- 10 years have passed since your participation, nowadays the Miss Universe Pageant has changed, now is more dynamic and interview to semifinalists was eliminated, You were in Mexico City attending the 2007 MU Pageant, in your opinion, what format of the pageant (1997 and 2007) you like most and why?

I think in 1997 the pageant was more honest. There were certain points given for each contestants and it was possible to put them on a line 1, …, 78.

The points were shown during the live telecast on screen for all the viewers. The seen-through system was the biggest advantage of Miss Universe from  Miss World. Miss World has gained the bigger popularity in Europe, because of their new seen-through system – telephone voting, special preliminary competitions, 5 region winners.

Right now it is mystery in Miss Universe, as the preliminary points are not shown. The contestant should be judged in all 3 categories like 10 years ago.


23.- What is your big dream, Kristiina?

My dreams are my secrets.


24.- Something you want to tell at your fans or fans of beauty pageants?

I had no idea that the fans exists, until I was in Mexico this year. I knew there were some people who were interested in, but not in that level. There are no fans in European beauty pageants, which scream and support their nation representatives.

Instead people try to find flaws and gossip about it. It was a wonderful feeling when I was remembered after 10 years and some had a picture of me with, after hundreds of girls – that was a fantastic surprise.


Kristiina’s autograph for Pepe Medel (Mexican historian of beauty contests) during her stay in Mexico City attending the 2007 Miss Universe Pageant


25.- What advice would you give to those girls who have won in theirs countries and will go to Miss Universe next year? Any secret to make the semifinals?

It is a lottery. Every year the Miss Universe organization is looking certain type of a girl who is suitable for certain commercial market, who has great personality to be able to communicate around the world with different nations, who is hard working and is able to cope with pressure for a year. Simple. Only mystery is the type of the year?

She has been exclusive model for bastion, famous Estonian company clothing ( since 1999 and she also belongs to Living Models Agency who owner is Evelyn Mikomägi, Miss Estonia 2000



Kristiina Heinmets during Miss Universe 2007 in Mexico City


Thank you very much Kristiina for this interview, for your time, for sharing with all of us your memories and anecdotes, you are charming and gorgeous, congratulations for your son Airon, I wish you and your family great happiness and a bright future.



Interview by Lestat

Special thanks to Pepe Medel for providing some pictures


published by on November 13, 2007






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