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Kristiina Heinmets was Miss Estonia 1997, she represented her country at 1997 Miss Universe Pageant held in Miami, USA where she was a semifinalist, owner of a spectacular beauty, this charismatic woman gave us an interview for from Estonia via email.

Kristiina is nowadays one of the person most famous in Estonia, she has a 18 moths old baby, named Airon; she is host of one of the tv shows with most audience in her country ”Dancing with the stars” Estonian version, she has produced Miss Estonia 2003 too.

Incredible and fascinating answers of Kristiina, without doubt a woman with many goals and projects.


Welcome and enjoy the interview!



Viktoria Azovskaja
Miss Estonia 2007

1.- Kristiina, I saw you in Mexico City, what a surprise was for me!!, you looked beautiful, I was exciting when I saw you!!, but What was you doing there?, Are you in Miss Estonia Organization?

I helped to prepare Miss Estonia 2007 Viktoria for Miss Universe. She is my friend’s sister and I decided to help her in Mexico as well. As I have participated myself in Miss Universe, my biggest dream during the pageant was to see my friends and family. Just to hug someone I know. It is very lonely, especially, before the final. The pressure is tremendous.

I have produced Miss Estonia 2003 live telecast, but I am not part of the miss Estonia organization. 


2.- Did you know that Miss Brazil 1997, Nayla Fernanda Affonso Micherif was there also? Did you see her?

I saw Nayla. She is amazing and she is doing a great job with Miss Brazil pageant. As being part of the contest, she knows what to do.



3.- Let’s talk about Miss Universe 1997 held in Miami, where you were a semifinalist, How did you feel when your name was called into top 10?, what happened in your mind when the girls were calling one by one and you don’t …. You were calling at last, Was it a surprise for you?

It was the biggest surprise of my life. I was 18-year old teenager who had to compete with women. I had no preparation what so ever. I had 5 cocktail dresses, one evening gown, 3 pair of shoes and some casual clothes. I had absolutely no idea how to behave, what are the rules and that the top 10 are selected before the telecast.

Estonia had gained independence few years ago and was a new country in the world, so I had no high expectations. I wanted to give my best. As I watched this year pageant, honestly, I have no idea why I was selected in top10 and how the selection was made.


Miss Estonia selected as one of the ten semi finalist in Miss Universe 1997


Kristiina during swimsuit competition and evening gown



4.- The Fans in Mexico saw the face of  Miss Mexico Rebeca Tamez Jones when the last girl was called into top 10 ( I mean, you!!! ha, ha, ha, ha) and Rebeca was not there, Have you seen the Miss Mexico’s shocked face in video?, What is your opinion about Rebeca?

During the pageant the contestants are mainly communicating by regions, European, South America, Asia, etc… We just spoke briefly during the rehearsals. I remember she was very sophisticated and dressed elegantly. I think all the girls who will not make to top 10 are sad, but the camera is not showing them all. Mexico has done well in miss universe, so the expectations are higher, the pressure is bigger and it is not easy to keep the emotions locked inside.



Miss Universe 1997 semifinalist (courtesy

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Taking part in swimsuit competition where she was a semifinalist



5.- Please tell us, what was your happiest moment during Miss Universe and what was the saddest moment?

Happiest moment was when some Estonians came to see me at hotel. They brought me some flowers and I was able to talk in Estonian. Somehow the strangers seemed like the best friends.
The saddest moment was going home, back to the reality. Month is a very long time, to enjoy the luxurious life. 

Kristiina checking news about Miss Universe 1997 held in Miami



Agnieszka Zielinska, Miss Poland, Kristiina’s roommate, months later Agnieszka was Miss Europe 1997 first runner up

6.- One question, Who was your roommate? and Do you keep in touch with any candidate? Or who was your friend during your stay in Miami? ( I know there are 3 questions in one, he, he, he, he)

My roommate was Miss Poland, Agnieska. She did very well in Miss Europe contest. I did keep in touch with Miss Colombia and Miss Curacao, but 10 years have passed. My friend during the contest was Miss Russia.


7.- How is to share time with the most beautiful girls in the planet, We; men, know that a group of girls together are “dangerous”, imagine when they are gorgeous!!! ha, ha, ha, ha, there were envies?, Do you have any anecdote?

Pressure of the pageant is enormous, many things can happen. The situation depends of the contestant. There is already gossip if two women are in the same room ...


8.- We know you speak several languages, how many languages you speak and why you learned languages?

Knowing the languages is the must for all small nations. There is only 1.4 million Estonians in the world.

I have never been interested in languages, but it just happened as the primary school was English oriented, the high school was French, Spanish was my second choice at the university, Finish is very similar to Estonian and my grandfather was Russian. The only language I am interested in is Chinese. It looks mystical.


Kristiina kept in touch with Miss Colombia and Miss Curacao, they were her favorites to win also





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