Katty posses with the trophy won by third place in National Costume in Miss Universe 1998



Competing in swimsuit during semifinals

22.- Who was your roommate?

Miss Chile


23.- Who did you make friendship with?

Chile, Colombia, Argentina , with Latinas mainly.


24.- Were there any envies?

Of course, especially when there were tv cameras or press around us.


25.- How was your interview with judges?, Do you remember them?, Who did impress you most? Who was the strictest one?

Being honest I don’t remember them, because they are local judges, they are not the ones who everybody watches in TV, but all of them were very kind.


Katty during rehearsals in Honolulu, Hawaii


Miss Mexico, Miss Trinidad & Tobago and Miss Peru, third, first and second place respectively in National Costume

26.- Do you remember any anecdote which have left you nice memories?

There were people who visited me during rehearsals and gave me very nice gifts and which supported me all the time, it is a very feeling since you are away from your country and you concentrate in the contest with practically no news about the life out there.

And of course to feel my parents support, my boyfriend’s support, seeing them with me in Honolulu it is priceless.


27.- You won 3rd. place in best National costume, the final night starts with good vibes for you a fifth place among favorites in internet poll... How did you feel when your name was not mentioned in the top 10?

Sincerely it was hard, as you say the statistics said other thing, the first thought was about all the people who worked along with me as a team, and my feelings were that I was disappointed them.


28.- But later Mexico name sounds, you won the Herbal Clairol Award, What did you think when your name was called?

Sincerely I was happy but at same time I felt it was not enough considering all the effort I did in order to be there, I almost cried right there! It is now, ten years later when I realized how lucky I was to take part in Miss Universe history.

AWARDS: Photogenic, Clairol Herbal Essence and congeniality in Miss Universe 1998

** courtesy of youtube.com



29.- Did you have a contract with Clairol? Or it was just a prize within the contest?

As far as I know they contacted to Lupita Jones because I had a contract with her as Miss Mexico, but Lupita rejected the contract with Clairol because they did not reach a monetary agreement.


Wendy Fitzwilliam
Miss Universe 1998

30.- Were the contenders surprised when Miss Trinidad and Tobago was named as Miss Universe 1998?

Yes, nobody expected it.


31.- What happened after Miss Universe? 

I came back to Mexico City to fullfill my duties and 2 months later I asked to go back to Monterrey to conclude my university studies before I missed another semester.


32.- We know that “coulda, woulda, shoulda ...” does not exist, but would you have done something different If you had a chance to do it again?

Definitely I would have lost weight, at least 5 kg. (laughs) and my interview I would have conducted it in Spanish in stead of English, because speaking in a foreign language is not the same. Your real personality won’t show up.


33.- Did being a beauty queen benefit or hurt your chances in your life?

It was a benefit, definitively; the experiences you live are priceless.


34.- You declared to El Norte newspaper about how weight in beauty pageants plays an important role, Do you think beauty pageant contestants evolve into women with nutritional disorders?, Did you have a serious problem with that?

I don’t think so. But I think beauty and harmony play an important role in beauty pageants; after all, they are looking for beauty, right?

On the other hand it does exist a peer pressure to stay slim and that is when a problem could result if you take the wrong decision (it is better to have a balanced diet and work out often, which actually I do.)


35.- Do you follow beauty pageant still?

I try to follow as much I can, I try not to miss them, in fact I feel nervous when I see them, it brings back nerve-racking moments. As an anecdote my daughter was born in the final night of Miss Universe 2004, and believe me, during labor I was watching the contest!! The doctors asked me if I would like turn off the TV, I said no!!!!, between contraction and contraction the show kept me busy and entertained, crazy, isn’t? LOL!!!


36.- What do you think Mexican women need to win the Miss Universe Pageant?

The girls are well prepared, the only thing needs is “luck”, and of course a beautiful Mexican, we have a lot of beautiful women in our country!


37.- Would you allow your daughter enter a beauty pageant?

Of course, but it is an idea that my husband does not share with me (laughs).


38.- Aside from Miss Universe, Did you take part in other beauty pageant?

Yes, I took part in Miss Atlantico Internacional in Punta del Este, Uruguay, where I won the elegance award and I placed fourth.


39.- Did you have any modeling offers , acting offers during your staying in Mexico City as Miss Mexico?

Yes, Eugenio Cobo gave me a scholarship to become an actress but from the very beginning my plans were focused. I just wanted live the experience of beauty pageants, it was something that I always wanted to do, but in the end I wanted to have a normal life, I mean, with a career, a family, my decision was clear, so I had to reject his offer.

Tania Prado, Amina Blancarte, Luz Elena González, Yadhira Carrillo, Veronica Jaspeado, Vanessa Guzman, Katty Fuentes y Blanca Soto, taping promotional for Miss Mexico Pageant


40.- What is your passion now?

Obviously my family but I like sports too, and cooking, international cuisine has become one of my passions, in the near future I would like to study more about it.


41.- How is your life nowadays?

Really I am so lucky to have the life I have, I am able to spend a lot of time with my children, my husband, my hobbies, my gym ….. I am so lucky of being able to live with my children their childhood process.

with her children and husband


42.- Katty, something else you want to add for all fans and people?

I never will forget this short yet long reign at same time, because one decade has passed and I haven’t forgotten those nice moments.

I don’t forget all nice memories I had from a lot of people. Thank you very much Art for this interview, I really enjoyed it going back through memory lane, thanks a lot and greetings for all the fans!!


El anecdotario thanks Katty Fuentes for this interview, thank you for sharing your memories and introduce your beautiful family, katty you are in the heart of many fans. Guess what?; with your interview we open a new section in el anecdotario, we are glad that you are the first one, we feel honored.

Katty, this is a little tribute, ten years after the big adventure that changed your life forever, thank you very much again for everything.

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