1.- Katty , please tell us going back to 1997... You were elected as Miss Mexico, just one decade ago. What has changed in your life since then, What have you done?, I mean after your reign as Miss Mexico

After my reign as Miss Mexico I came back to Monterrey , my home city, to conclude my career in odontolgy. Two years later I got married and I moved to Dallas Texas where my first child was born, after that I moved to Houston where my daughter was born and I am currently living in Dallas again.


2.- Let’s go back to Monterrey , Nuevo Leon , on 1997, How was your life before you entered any beauty pageant?

As another simple student of odontolgy, with friends, my parents and boyfriend, a very quiet life.


3.- What or who motivate you to take part in your local beauty pageant?

I was motivated by Rosina Ramon owner of a model Agency in my city, she invited me to take part and she encouraged me because at the beginning I was not sure if it was a good idea …


4.- Did your family support you? Or your boyfriend?

Initially no one supported me, but when they realized that I was enthusiastic with the project they supported me a lot.


5.- Do you remember how Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon was like?, was it hard?, Do you have some anecdotes?

Yes it was difficult because as a candidate you have many things to do with sponsors you need discipline and to put on hold your personal life.


6.- During Miss Nuevo Leon you were competing with Silvia Salgado (Miss Mexico 1999), she suddenly withdrew, Do you know why?

It was not clear at all, I never knew exactly but I understood that she wanted to graduate of University or something …, but next year she entered anyway, so I don’t know what the real reason was.



7.- You arrive to the national NUESTRA BELLEZA MEXICO contest along with 32 girls from around the country, Did you ever think you could win?

I felt very confident because I was very well trained in my home State, when I arrived to National contest I put my faith in God’s will.


8.- Please, tell us how was the preparations of Miss Mexico , How did you feel there?

It was very interesting, there were 3 whole weeks of activities in day and night, I enjoyed a lot but it tired us a lot. Presentations, rehearsals, diet ....


9.- Who did you hang out together with?, Who was your roommate?, Where there rivalries among you all?

My roommate was Miss Chiapas and sincerely, I did not feel an atmosphere of rivalry on the contrary I think it was a very nice group. I spent a lot time with Blanca Soto (Miss World Mexico 1998) and with Miss Nayarit and Miss Oaxaca.


10.- In your opinion, who were the favorites, Did you feel yourself as a favorite?

Distrito Federal, Estado de Mexico, Morelos and Me, I tell you, I felt indeed well prepared to win. But it was anyone‘s game.


11.- Which was the most stressing moment during the final night?, When you were so close to win, Did you think someone else could, instead?

Oh yes, anyone of the finalist could have been the winner, I knew that moment would be the luck factor or destiny or whatever you want to name it.


12.- Do you keep in touch with someone of the contenders of the 1997 Miss Mexico Pageant?

Yes! I met recently with Karla Corral, Miss Tabasco (4th runner up) in Houston Texas, actually we are very good friends.


13.- What happened after you won the National crown, how did your life change?

Everything changed immediately; suddenly you are the centre of it all. I moved to Mexico City , living with people I don’t know before all this. Nevertheless those changes... I took them as something positive in my life, and I tried to enjoy it and live the most unforgettable and unique experience of a lifetime.



14.- How was your preparation for the Miss Universe Pageant?

Many things... sincerely, I don’t remember all of them, but I had speech classes, English classes, Mexico´s history, catwalk, corporal expression, diction, performance classes, and of course I had to go to the gym 6 times a week.


15.- What was the hardest moment of your preparation?, Did you have any weak moments? did you ever say " it’s over, I can’t put up with this?"

Of course, I had my weak moments but to quit, that thought never passed through my mind. I really enjoyed everything I was doing after all, but it was exhausting and demanded too much discipline.


16.- How was your relationship with Lupita Jones? (Miss Mexico National Director)

It was good, she was a very nice person with me, and obviously her job was to correct us when we were wrong and to guide us by the right way, so, sometimes I was scolded (laughs).


17.- How did you manage your personal life with your life as a Miss Mexico ?, Was it difficult?

I was Miss Mexico, period. And practically forgot my personal life, but my parents and my boyfriend visited me often and I tried to go Monterrey every 15 days to visit them as well.


18.- Who designed the National costume for Miss Universe?, Did you have ideas or the organization designed it?

It was designed by Jose Luis Abarca, the organization chosen the design and I was pleased, I placed third in best National Costume Competition in Miss Universe 1998.

during National Costume in Miss Universe 1998 where placed third


19.- Many fans like to know about the evening gown that the new Miss Mexico will wear in Miss Universe, How did you chose your gown, who design it?, How long did it took to choose it?

It was designed by Jose Luis Abarca and we choose it together.



20.- You arrive to Honolulu with 81 international beauty queens, What was your first impression?, excited, fear, adrenaline …?

Actually, emotion and uncertainty.


21.- Did you consider yourself a favorite in Miss Universe?

 Yes, because on internet polls I was four or fifth place, and people in Honolulu showed me their support and affection.




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