Ever since 1981 no woman from Nuevo Leon had ever won the Miss Mexico National Title, only Judith Grace Gonzalez. Actually women from the state would never shine in the National competition... that was way back then.

In 1997 a beautiful girl named Katty Fuentes wins the National title in September. After 10 years ago el anecdotario contacted her in her home in Dallas, Texas for an exclusive interview.

Katty competed in Miss Universe 1998 in Hawaii. Though the internet and press considered her a favorite she was not favored by the judges and did not make the cut to the top 10.

Nonetheless she won 2nd runner up trophy in National costume competition and the Clairol Herbal Essence Award. We thank Katty Fuentes for her support and time to answer this interview. A little tribute, ten years after the big adventure that changed her life forever.