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May 2008

Photo of the week:
Lynda Carter, Miss USA World 1972
by Alexboy777 (Mexico)

Lynda Carter, better known as “the wonder woman” was Miss USA World and represented her country at Miss World 1972, reaching the semi finals. She is Irish-American father and Mexican mother.
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Video of the week:
Riyo Mori Miss Universe 2007 and Zi Lin Zhang Miss World 2007 in Mexico

On April 19, 2008 it happened something incredible; an historical event in the world of pageants, the winners of the 2 most important beauty pageants in the world and also the represents of Mexico and Spain taken part in San Marcos Fair in Aguascalientes Mexico, a Fair that has been celebrated for over 180 years.

There were Riyo Mori Miss Universe 2007 (Japan), Lupita Gonzalez Miss Mexico 2008 first runner up, Rosa María Ojeda Cuen Miss Mexico 2007 (semi finalist in Miss Universe 2007), Lorenza Bernot Miss Mexico International 2008, Elisa Nájera Miss Mexico 2008, Anagabriela Espinoza Miss Mexico World 2008, Carolina Morán Miss México World 2007 (2nd. runner up in Miss World 2007), Zi Lin Zhang Miss World 2007 (China), Claudia Moro Miss Spain 2008 and María Garrido Miss Sevilla 2006.

There were also in the dinner gala; Lupita Jones Miss Universe 1991 (Mexico), Andrés Cid National Director of Miss and Mr. Spain and Julia Morley CEO of Miss World and Mr. World. (more info and photos; please click here -Spanish version only-)

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