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March 2008

Video of the week sent by our readers:

Miss Universe 2007 contestants hanging out with parents and friends

Days before the grand final and after the semifinalist, the contestant vying for the Miss Universe title, hanged out with parents, relatives and friends in May 2007 in one of the halls of host hotel in Mexico City.

Contribution of Rubén Vairo (Mexico)

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Photo of the week:
Angela Visser, Miss Universe 1989 with Donald Trump

Who could guess that this young boy would be the owner of Miss Universe years later?, He is Donald Trump of United States next to Angela Visser, Miss Universe 1989 of Holland.




Photo of the week sent by our readers:

With Margaret Gardiner, Miss Universe 1978 and Miss Germany 1989

by Sandy Pienaar (South Africa)


"Margaret Gardiner, Miss Universe 1978, came out to South Africa for a function that one of our magazines, "Rooi Rose", held for cancer.  Here I am with her at the function that was held in October 2007.  Also included in the picture is Andrea Stelzer, Miss SA 1985.  Andrea also took part in the Miss Germany competition in 1988 and she represented Germany at the Miss Universe competition in 1989."

In photo, Margaret Gardiner Miss Universe 1978 (second from left), Sandy Pienaar in the middle and Andrea Stelzer. Photo sent by Sandy Pienaar (South Africa)




Photo of the week:
Halla Bryndis Jonsdóttir Miss Iceland 1985 and Holmfridur Karlsdóttir Miss World 1985 of Iceland

Picture sent by Heidar Jonsson (Iceland)




Photo of the week sent by our readers:

With Rosalva Luna, Miss Mexico 2004

by Ricardo Romero (Mexico)


"My name is Ricardo Romero, I am from Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, this picture I am sending you was taken on March 2005, when Rosalva decided to get a job in the Government in my city, that night Rosalva, a Mexico City’s friends and I; we went to an Italian restaurant, we spent a nice night talking with Rosalva about Miss Universe 2004 pageant.

After dinner we went to Rosalva's apartment and here is the picture we took. It is a nice memory that I would like to share with all of you." Photo sent by Ricardo Romero (Mexico)



Photo of the week:
Madeleine Hartog, Miss World 1967 (Peru)

Madeleine Hartog-Bel Houghton of Peru and Miss World 1967 poses with a “llama” in the Peruvian Andes, Madeleine took part in Miss Universe 1966 where she was semifinalist, months after she became the first Miss World from Peru.




Photo of the week sent by our readers:

With Barbara Palacios, Miss Universe 1986 & Stefanie De Roux, Miss Panama 2003

by Frank López (Panama)


Frank López with Barbara Palacios, Miss Universe 1986 of Venezuela promoting in Panama her Jeweler's shop on July 20, 2007. Photo sent by Frank López (Panama)


Autographed picture for Frank Lopez with Stefanie De Roux Miss Panama 2003.
Photo sent by Frank López (Panama)




Photo of the week:
Miss Universe 2004 of Australia, Jennifer Hawkins's sequence photo shoots

by Horacio Lira (Chile)

Next day the election of Miss Universe 2004, Chile’s Horacio Lira was walking by Historic Downtown in Quito Ecuador, spending time to take a flight to his country when suddenly he saw the new brand Miss Universe 2004 of Australia in her first official photo shoot, here are the Jennifer Hawkins’s sequence photo shoots.





Photo of the week sent by our readers:

With Pearl Jansen, Miss Africa South 1970

by Louis Fourie (South Africa)


Louis Fourie, socialite & business man with former Miss Africa South 1970, Pearl Jansen who attended the 50th Miss South Africa celebration in December 2007. Pearl ended first runner up in the 1970 Miss World pageant. Photo sent by Louis Fourie (South Africa)



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