El anecdotario (which means anecdote) is a web site where are published articles, photos and curious notes about the most important beauty pageants in the world, it is published every week in Miss Mexico Everywhere forum and in this web site, which is kept thanks the contributions of our worldwide audience.

We have received contributions from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Iceland, India, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, USA and Venezuela. (to see credits)

Based in Mexico, the founder is “Lestat” (pseudonym) who is the editor and webmaster, he along with contributors around the world -who send pictures and articles- make week by week the new edition, the first article was published on March 5, 2004, months after is created “la vitrina” (the window) where are the best articles and unique pictures sent by our readers. This section is considered as the jewel of elanecdotario.com.

In the year 2007 is opened a new section named “special edition” with photos sent by beauty queen themselves, relatives of them, friends and fans. It is also created the section “interviews”, where international former beauty queens talk about their experience during and after the international competition where they took part.

In 2008 it is created a new section named “photo/video of the week” where the readers are able to send their picture or video along with International or National beauty queens.

The goal of elanecdotario.com is to remember with articles, photos and videos the success of beautiful, intelligent and charismatic women who won for their country International beauty titles and also those women who did not win the crown but they are remember as great contestants who made proud their country.

El anecdotario thanks to all contributors, readers and media who have become this website as a source of information for beauty pageants.


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