Judy Dan, Miss Hong Kong 1952

In 1952, the 4th edition of the Miss Hong Kong contest organized by Ritz Night Club, North Point, took place after 1948.  Pageant rules changed significantly and for the first time, the Miss Hong Kong contest would be tied to the Miss Universe contest, so the winner of the Miss HK contest would not need to take part in a separate contest to decide the HK rep, but would go straight to Miss Universe.

This year the contest was much more sophisticated.  In the preliminary round, there were 40 contestants.  20 girls were selected to go on to the Semi-finals, then 10 girls were selected to go on to the Finals. 

The competition was much different from the 3 earlier editions from 1946 to 1948.  The girls not only competed in swimsuit, but also in casual wear, evening gowns and other apparel to show off their poise.  In the end, 21 year-old Judy Dan was the winner.

The following was the result:

Winner-- Judy DAN
1st Runner-up--  LEE Hin-Bing
2nd Runner-up--  LEE Mei-Mui
3rd Runner-up--  WONG Yu
4th Runner-up--  Louisiana HUI

Also, for the first time there was a crowning. First, Judy sat on a throne and then was crowned by Prof. Wong Ching-Ting.  The crown was adorned with "1952" and "Miss Hong Kong". The crowning was made for a more classic and regal event.

Judy was born in Shanghai and raised in Hong Kong.  Her father Dan Du-Yu was a well-known film director in China and her mother, Yan Ming-Zhu was a popular film actress.  Judy worked for Cathay Pacific before entering the Miss Hong Kong contest. Judy went on to compete successfully at the very first annual Miss Universe pageant, finishing as the 3rd runner-up after competing with 29 other contestants.

The contest was won by Finland's Armi Helena Kuusela. Universal Pictures filmed the coronation of the pageant and released it as a documentary.  It was released in Hong Kong too at that time.  Judy also signed on with Universal Pictures and played a role in the film "The King and I" in the 1950s. After this film Judy stopped acting and married a Chinese-American, Mr. Wu and is living in U.S. ever since.


Semifinalists in Miss Universe 1952


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