The strange and improbable photos (and now stories)
of beauty Contests
-Edition 2008- First part

Year by year elanecdotario presents pictures of beauty pageants that we can not say are “glamorous” but curios and strange, those pictures have been gathered troughout the year from internet, system and contributions, in this edition we will show you also pictures with interesting stories about it.

Here is the first part of the strange and improbable photos  (and now stories) of beauty contests, edition 2008!!!!



Allana Wallace, Miss Wheelchair America 2008, this beauty pageant was held in Washington, USA, and the contestant of Illinois won, Wallace is the founder and artistic director of Dance Detour, Chicago's first professional physically integrated dance company


Jamaica’s Carol Crawford is chosen Miss World 1963, she is the shortest Miss World and one of the shortest international beauty queens in the world, she is 1.59 mts. tall




Some National contests have clones of Miss Universe and Miss World crowns, here are some of them:


From left to right, the classic Miss Universe crown, the new design of Miss Universe crown and the Miss World crown



Miss Venezuela World 1992, Miss Venezuela World 2006 and Miss Venezuela World 2007 wearing a crown with the same design of Miss World crown


Miss United Kingdom 1970, Miss Peru World 1997, Miss Peru World 1998 and Miss San Martin 2001 with the same design of Miss World crown, it is important to note that the Miss World Org. adopted years later the Miss United Kingdom 1970 crown as the new Miss World crown


Wearing Miss Universe crowns from left to right, Miss Egypt 2006, Miss Hungary 2007 wearing the new Miss Universe crown, Flowers International Queen and Miss Guyana 2003


Miss Guyana 2006 being crowned with a Miss World crown and the woman who crowns is wearing the Miss Universe crown. Miss Colombia World 2002 wearing the same design that Miss Venezuela wore in 1981!!!!!!


Miss Universe 1989 Contestants, those pictures should not be in this topic if their story had not be improbable, they receive a very “interesting” prizes in their respective National Pageant, from left to right, Miss Denmark Louise Mejhede “I sent my picture by regular mail, then they called me for an interview, few days later they called me to tell me I was the winner, I don’t receive crown or prizes”

Miss Greece, Kristiana Latani “to take part in the National Pageant we had to pay, when I won I receive a watch, a pair of shoes and a bathing suit”

Miss Suriname Consuela Cruden, “I won six thousands dollars in prizes, a complete wardrobe for Miss Universe Competition and jewelry of the most exclusive designer in my country”


Ronan Keating host of Miss World 1998 held in Seychelles poses with few cloth, I mean he just wears a glass!


Weird and strange pictures taken during Miss Earth 2007 held in Philippines and Vietnam


Angolan women mutilated by an antipersonnel mine poses for a controversial beauty pageant, Miss Landmine Angola 2007. A project made by the Norwegian artist Morten Traavik and financed by the Angolan government and the European Union, in which through the web site the users can vote for the winner. The prize: a prosthesis


Believe it, in Perth, Australia, there is a street named “Coronation” …


Miss West Coast was a contest to search models in Australia, here is part of the stage, in the middle of water!!!


The Miss Exotic World Pageant is an annual burlesque pageant and convention. The pageant consists of burlesque performances spanning a weekend, culminating with the competition to crown a single performer as Miss Exotic World


Rosa María Ojeda, Miss Mexico 2007 taking part in Fashion Show Mexico 2007, the special of this pic are the earrings joined to the dress, ouch!!!!


Days before of grand final of Miss Universe 2007, in Puerto Rican Forums display some messages about how it would be the headlines if Miss Puerto Rico wins the Miss Universe title?, unfortunately Umma Blasini did not make the semi finals


Cover of a fictitious magazine where Ingrid Rivera Miss Puerto Rico 2008 made headlines, she was a pepper-spray victim during the Miss Puerto Rico Universe Pageant


Reactions when the result is announcement, from left to right Miss Puerto Rico 2006, Miss Universe 2007 and Miss Teen USA


Miss America 2007, the one who is crowning is also crying


Miss USA 1982 Terry Utley reacts when she learned she is the new Miss USA and the fantastic reaction of Miss Teen America 1972


Erika Dunlap reacts when she learned she is the new Miss America 2004, she won 55,000 USD scholarship


At very early age, those little girls take part in beauty pageants this pic is part of the movie Little Miss Sunshine, and for the records there is already a little Miss Universe …


A Miss Universe with a swab to demonstrate how an AIDS test works; and visiting a museum, she is Natalie Glebova Miss Universe 2005 of Canada


Without doubt Miss Vietnam is the star of this picture, this happened during Miss World 2006


Miss America needs assistance to achieve a great picture in New York, USA


Tatana Kucharova, Miss World 2006 of Czech Republic, someone didn’t sleep enough last night ...


Contenders at Miss Venezuela 2008 title during the extenuates rehearsals


Rehearsals always are tired (Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe Pictures)


Contestant in Miss India 2001, hours later she would became the new Miss India, Celina Jaitley


The contenders at 1965 Miss International title during a visit in Disneyland in USA




Contributions of:

Maddy Sharma (India), Josept Gregorio (Venezuela), Alexboy777 (Mexico), Israel H. Barroso (Mexico)

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