Rogelia Cruz Martínez, Miss Guatemala 1959
murdered because of defending her ideals and her country

Rogelia Cruz Martinez, 19 years old was chosen Miss Guatemala 1959, she represented her country at Miss Universe Pageant 1959, brunette, green eyes, very smart, she studied architecture and it was on those years when she joined to Socialist System, in a country governed typically by military men. During those years she was arrested because of having arms and belongs to groups (guerrilla) opposite the government (The guerrilla was a group who fought against the government of Guatemala over 40 years).

Later to this, she was kidnapped, raped and murdered brutally, her body was found under a bridge and she is reminded as a fight woman, who defends her ideals, some people named “the little girl of Guatemala”, and in the Architecture School is a square named “Rogelia Cruz Martinez” honored her. Probably nowadays Guatemala being a democratic country Rogelia’s ideal would be and outstanding political figure in Guatemala.



Rogelia Cruz taking part in Miss Universe 1959 in Long Beach, California




Contribution of Giovanni Guzmán (Guatemala)    

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