Discovered in the Disco
(Sushmita Sen's story, India's first Miss Universe)

India's Sushmita Sen, Miss Universe 1994

Once a girl went to a disco club (fter urging a lot to her father) with a friend. While dancing in the disco, a man came close to her and said, "You know, you are very beautiful". Feeling a bit embarrassed, she went close to her friend and asked him to help. The man again came close and said. "You should participate in Miss India contest".

Then both the girl and her friend thought that the man was "not ok". When the man realized that the girl was not taking him seriously, he finally said showing her a card, "I'm Ranjan Bakshi, from "The Times of India" newspaper; please meet me tomorrow in my office". This time she grabbed the card giving a charming smile and said, "Ya’ sure, I'll come".
Next day she went to the office and met Mr. Ranjan Bakshi. He told her that 25 contestants had taken back their names from Miss India contest. Then she asked why it was so. Then he replied that Aishwarya Rai was taking part. The girl suddenly took back her form and said, "I also don't want to participate".

Sushmita Sen and Aishwarya Rai, both won theirs respective competitions, Miss Universe and Miss World

When she returned home, her mother scolded her on what she had done. Her mother told her that it wasn't a good thing to lose without first even trying. Her mother exclaimed "even if you think you can lose from the most beautiful girl, then lose from HER! What is the use of being defeated by someone else?" The girl then realized her mistake and went again to the office the next day and filled the entry form in the last minute.

After that, the whole world knows what happened, the girl won Miss India and then conquered the Miss Universe 1994 title. The girl was Sushmita Sen, first Miss Universe and the star of India. Sushmita was born on 19th November 1975 in Hyderabad, India but grew up in Delhi. After winning Miss India, this 5'8 tall girl went to Manila, Philippines to compete in Miss Universe.

There, she mesmerized the judges with her personality and spellbinding depths of her answers and this lead her way to the Miss Universe 1994 crown.

After reigning for one year of her Miss Universe, she entered the film industry, as the tradition of most of the beauty queens. Interestingly, in one of her movies, Sushmita played a role of Miss Universe! Sushmita's first award in the film industry was for "Best supporting role". After giving many hits and flops, she became one of the most important part of Bollywood (film industry of India).

Sushmita loves children and she adopted a girl and named her Renee.
Sushmita's father is a retired Indian Air Force officer, her mother Subhra Sen worked as a fashion artist and jewelry designer.

She has one brother Rajeev Sen and a sister Neelam Sen. Sushmita, at present, lives in Mumbai with her beautiful daughter. Sushmita being the first Miss Universe of India is very close to heart of Indians and will be their loved one forever.

Sushmita and her adopted daughter Renee



Contribution of Maddy Sharma (India)       

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