Miss Universe 1961 and 1962 Pictures


Marlene Schmidt Miss Universe 1961 of Gernamy
Crowned on July 15, 1961 in Miami, USA,  after her reigning she made dozens movies, she married with actor Ty Hardin and in 1996 they decided to divorce, they have 1 daughter.




Winner Marlene Schmidt GERMANY

1st runner-up     Rosemarie Frankland   WALES
2nd runner-up     Adriana Gardiazabal    ARGENTINA
3rd runner-up   Arlette Dobson   AUSTRIA
4th runner-up     Sharon Renee Brown   USA


Maria Gloria Silva   CHILE
Simone Darot   FRANCE
Kristjana Magnusdottir   ICELAND
Atida Pisanti   ISRAEL
Seo Yang-hee   KOREA
Carmela Stein Bedoya   PERU
Wang Li-Ling   TAIWAN  (R.O.C.)
Susan Jones   SCOTLAND
Gunilla Knutsson   SWEDEN
Liliane Burnier   SWITZERLAND

Miss Photogenic: COLOMBIA - Patricia Whitman Owin

Miss Amity: GREECE - Eleftheria (Ria) Deloutsi





Norma Nolan Miss Universe 1962 of Argentina
This beautiful Argentine with Irish and Italian roots,  got the Miss Universe title on July 14, 1962 in Miami, USA. After her reigning she has a very private life. During recent years she had a book store in Miami, USA



Winner: Norma Nolan ARGENTINA

1st. runner-up: Miss Iceland, Anna Geirsdottir

2nd. runner-up: Miss Finland, Anja Aulikki Jarvinen

3rd. runner-up: Miss Republic of China (Taiwan), Helen Liu

4th. runner-up: Miss Brazil, Maria Olivia Reboucas Cavalcanti



Miss Austria, Christa Linder

Miss Canada, Marilyn McFatridge

Miss Colombia, Olga Lucía Botero Orozco

Miss England, Kim Carlton

Miss Haiti, Evelyne Miot

Miss Israel, Yehudit Mazor Rounik

Miss Korea, Bom Joo Suh

Miss Lebanon, Nouhad Cabbabe

Miss New Zealand, Leslie Margaret Nichols

Miss USA, Macel Leilani Wilson

Miss Congeniality:
Miss Dominican Republic, Sara Olimpio Frometa and Miss Wales, Hazel Williams

Miss Photogenic: Miss England, Kim Carlton

Best National Costume : Miss England, Kim Carlton

Contribution of Maddy Sharma (India)   

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