Christiane Martel, Miss Universe 1953 (France)

For second time in history was celebrated the Miss Universe Pageant in Long Beach, California due tremendous success at past year, taking part 27 contenders for all the world, beside more than 40 contenders representing each State of United States.

For Long Beach this event represented an opportunity to promote for 2 weeks the beaches internationally, because the contenders walk by the beach, make parades, being Long Beach the center of attention indeed.


Contenders of Miss Universe 1953 wearing National Costume at airport






France’s Cristiane Martel, 1.67 mts. tall, 87 – 55 -87 measurements, she was chosen as Miss Universe 1953 on July 17th, consider one of the most beautiful Miss Universe because of her elegance, grace and owner of unique charisma and beauty.

Christiane Martel poses with the Miss Universe 1953 trophy


Miss Universe 1953 top 5

First runner up went to USA’s Myrna Hansen, second runner up Japan’s Kinuko Ito, third runner up Mexico’s Ana Bertha Lepe, four runner up Australia’s Maxine Morgan.

The rest of semifinalist were Ingrid Rita Mills, Miss South Africa; Synnove Guldbransen, Miss Norwey; Christel Schaack, Miss Germany; Gytte Olsen, Miss Denmark; Alicia Ibañez, Miss Uruguay; Ayten Akyol, Miss Turkey; Emita Arozamena, Miss Panama; Lore Felger, Miss Austria; Mary Ann Sarmiento, Miss Peru; Rita Stazzi, Miss Italy and Thelma Brewis, Miss Canada.


Miss Austria Lore Felger, Miss France Christiane Martel, Miss USA Myrna Rae Hansen


Miss Belgium Elayne Cortois and Miss Finland Teija Anneli Sopanen


Miss Switzerland Danielle Oudinet and Miss Greece Doretta Xirou


Miss France Christiane Martel


Miss Germany Christel Schaack along her Miss Germany 1951 Erika Norden


from left to right, Greece Doretta Xirou, Turkey Ayten Akyol, Venezuela Gisela Bolaños Scarton, Panama Emita Arosemena Zubieta and Peru Mary Ann Sarmiento


wearing National Costume Miss Belgium Elayne Cortois, Puerto Rico Wanda Irizarry, France Christiane Martel and Australia Maxine Morgan


Miss Mexico Ana Bertha Lepe


contestants of Minnesota and Mexico


Latinamerican group


Miss France Christiane Martel and Miss Denmark Jytte Olsen


Miss Peru Mary Ann Sarmiento and Miss South Africa Ingrid Rita Mills


Miss Norway Synnoeve Gulbrandsen


For the records; the winner was not crowned by her antecessor Finland’s Armi Kuusela, due she married before finish her reign, the winner was crowned by actress Julia Adams.

Native of Nancy, France, Christiane Martel was a quite and disciplined girl even a little mischief, once during war in her grandparent’s house, her uncle was cutting wood in the garden and Christiane tried hug him by his back, his uncle without realize hurt her in the left eye. Today that scar is imperceptible.

Regarding beauty pageants, everything started when she wanted to enter the pageant “the most beautiful girl in Chantellerault”, she asked her uncle carries him to register to the contest, she would win eventually. Later she won Miss Vienne Province, Miss Centre-west of France, Most beautiful Italian girl of France, this because her last name is Italian, she was chosen as the most beautiful Italian in France also.


During these dates was the invitation to enter the Miss Cinemond Pageant who winner goes to Miss Universe and her father’s friends George Magnani tell that Christiane was very beautiful and she could win easily, they register her but saying nothing to Christiane sending pictures to Cinemond, the magazine sponsor, they register her with last name Martel and not Magnani thinking in futures troubles about the Italian last name since there are living in France.

In Paris, all contenders posed in swimsuit and in evening gown and made a speech, that night Christiane was named as Miss Cinemonde 1953 and would go to America to compete in Miss Universe.

Her father told her “you are not going to win, don’t fabricate false hopes” and Christiane replied “don’t worry, I will go to America and in 15 days I will be returning”, she did not know what destiny had for her, she won the Miss Universe 1953 Pageant, news were received by joy in France, she started to made covers of magazines in Europe and she appeared on newspaper in all American Continent and Europe.  Popularity she took advantage to become an actress and in 1954 arrives to Mexico where she filmed many movies in a main role, filming also in Italy. She made 32 movies one of the most successful were "Abajo el Telón" with Cantinflas in 1955, "Corazón Salvaje" with Martha Roth and Carlos Navarro;" Bataclán Mexicano", with Fernando Casanova;  "Viva el Amor" with Silvia Pinal y Emilo Tuero; "Cien Muchachas" with Antonio Aguilar, "Señoritas" with Ana Bertha Lepe and Mapita Cortes, "Juana Gallo" with María Felix and Luis Aguilar, between more, the last movie was made in 1962.


Though her plans were not to live in Mexico, she married in 1961 with Miguel Aleman Velasco, a son of former Mexico’s President, they has four daughter and son; Claudia, Mónica, Miguel and Karla. In 1998 Christiane became the first lady of Veracruz due her husband was elected Governor in that important State in Mexico.

Nowadays she belongs to the high society in Mexico, she spends time helping all poor people, and she is involvement in philanthropy.

Christiane Martel and her Mexican husband Miguel Alemán Velasco


she spends time helping all poor people, and she is involvement in philanthropy


To 54 years to be won Miss Universe she is recognized in her country France, which she visit often, she has been honored and she has been invited as special guest in Miss France, and she has been judge in Miss Universe 1978 and 2007 and special guest in 1989.


special guest in TV show in France



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