Mary Ann Catrin Stävin, Miss World 1977 (Sweden)


Mary Ann Catrin Stävin of Sweden was selected as Miss World 1977 on November 17, 1977 in London, UK. This edition was the last where 2 contenders from South Africa took part, one coming from black descendent and the other one coming from white descendent

1  SWEDEN - Mary Ann-Catrin Stavin
2  HOLLAND - Ineke Berends
3  GERMANY - Dagmar Gabriele Winkler
4  BRAZIL - Madalena Sbaraíni
5  U.S.A. - Cindy Darlene Miller

6  UNITED KINGDOM - Madeleine Karen Stringer
7  AUSTRALIA - Jaye-Leanne Hopewell

AUSTRIA - Eva Maria Duringer
DENMARK - Anette Dybdal Simonsen
FINLAND - Asta Seppälä
FRANCE - Véronique Fagot
MEXICO - Elizabeth Aguilar González
PERU - Maria Isabel Frias Zavala
SPAIN - Guillermina Ruiz Doménech
SWITZERLAND - Daniela Patricia Haberli




Some contenders withdrew in protest against the presence of a white Miss South Africa:

INDIA - Veena Prakash
INDONESIA - Siti Mirza Nuria Arifin
JAMAICA - Sandra Kong
LIBERIA - Welma Albertine Wani Campbell
MALAYSIA - Christine Mary Lim Lim Boey
MAURITIUS - Maria Ingrid Desmarais 
PHILIPPINES - Ana Melissa (Peachy) Ofilada Veneracion 
SINGAPORE - Veronica Lourdes
SWAZILAND - Zanella Tutu Tshabalala 
YUGOSLAVIA - Svetlana Visnjic

Miss Italy and Miss Malta were disqualified due to being only 15 years old, Miss Malta was replaced


She is probably best known for her appearances in two James Bond movies, Octopussy and A View to a Kill (as agent Kimberley Jones). She released a single with George Best called Shape Up and Dance .

She currently lives in Beverly Hills, California with her British businessman husband, Nichols Wilcockson, they have a daughter, Liliansa Rose.


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