Countries winning Miss World title consecutively


Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International are the pageants with most tradition in the planet; its winners are known in the whole world and become a celebrity.

Nevertheless only in Miss World has happened that the same country wins the title consecutively, starting in 1951 and celebrating year by year uninterrupted, Miss World claim to have most contenders than any other beauty pageant.

Only three countries share the honor to have won consecutively the title of Miss World.



Sweden wins for first time the title of Miss World with Kerstin (Kiki) Hakansson on July 29, 1951 in London, England competing with 26 women, in its second edition in next year May Louise Flodin of Sweden wins the title on November 15, 1952 among 11 contenders.

on the podium Miss Sweden Kerstin (Kiki) Hakansson, the first Miss World of the history


center Miss World 1951 Kerstin (Kiki) Hakansson of Sweden, left Laura Ellison-Davies of Great Britain (first runner up) right Doreen Dawne of Great Britain (second runner up)


Miss World 1952 of Sweden, May Louise Flodin


Miss World 1952 and her first and second runner up, Sylvia Müller of Switzerland and Vera Marks of Germany respectively




On November 12, 1964, Ann Sidney of United Kingdom wins the prestigious title of Miss World. Next year United Kingdom’s Lesley Langley wins the pageant on November 19, 1965 in London.

Miss World 1964, Ann Sydney United Kingdom


Miss World 1965 Lesley Langley of United Kingdom with her court


Lesley Langley in her first catwalk as Miss World 1965




On December 4, 1999, India’s Yukta Mookhey wins the Miss World Title.
In 2000 year, Miss World Org. celebrated its 50th anniversary (founded by Eric and Julia Morley). Mr. Morley passed away on November 18, just few days before the grand final of Miss World and Priyanka Chopra of India wins the title on November 30, 2000 in a glamorous event celebrated in Millennium Globe of London, getting the fifth Miss World crown for India.


Miss World 1999 Yukta Mookhey and Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra both of India

Contribution of Josept Gómez (Venezuela)    

Pictures by Maddy Sharma (India)   

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