Laurie Simpson, Miss International 1987 (Puerto Rico)


Since beginning of this International Beauty Pageant, born in Long Beach USA in 1960 and since 1966 is celebrated in Japan, it is the first time the winner come from The Caribbean.

In 1987 Tokyo hosted 47 girls from all over the world to conquer the title Miss International 1987, where some girls had taken part in other international beauty pageants.

The happy winner was Laurie Simpson of Puerto Rico, 19 years old, engineer student, who few months back took part in Miss Universe reached the top 5, she became the first Puerto Rican to win the Miss International Title.



Laurie Simpson’s first runner up was Miss Belgium Muriel Jane Georges and 2nd. runner up Miss Mexico Rosa Isela Fuentes, both countries never had place high in Miss International.


Rosa Isela Fuentes, Miss Mexico ( 2nd. runner up), Laurie Simpson, Miss International 1987 (Puerto Rico)
Muriel Jane Georges Miss Belgium (1st. runner up)


Ana Garcia Bonilla, Miss Spain, in background Gouldin Balcazar, Miss Bolivia; Darlene Sikaffe, Miss Honduras; Claudine Atten, Miss Luxemburg and Marría Arlette Balzan, Miss Malta



The rest of the semi finalists were:
Vanessa Gibson, Miss Australia; Paula Jane Morrison, Miss USA; Begoña García, Miss Venezuela; Dagmar Schulz, Miss Germany; Niina Katariina Karkkainen, Miss Finland; Fernanda Campos Soares, Miss Brazil; Kristina Sebestyen, Miss Austria; Ofir Alony, Miss Israel; Ana Garcia Bonilla, Miss Spain; Yayoi Morita, Miss Japan and Denise Thompson, Miss Jamaica.



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