Denisse Perrier, Miss World 1953 (France)


Denisse Perrier (born 1935) is a French model and actress. She now goes by "Denise Perrier Lanfranchi." Denise Perrier of France was an ordinary convent schoolgirl prior to being thrust into the limelight as Miss World.  When she competed against 14 other contestants, she wore make-up for the first time in her life.  Her natural charm and élan won over the judges.  Perrier was the third person to be chosen as Miss World in 1953 October 19 , representing France; the same year that France also won the Miss Universe pageant by Christiane Martel.

Denisse Perrier, Miss World 1953 facing dozens of journalist




Miss Switzerland, Odette Michel


Miss Great Britain, Brenda Mee

Miss Switzerland, Odette Michel


Miss Denmark Ingrid Andersen and Miss Holland Yvonne Meijer



Controversy arose when, runner-up Marina Papaelia of Egypt collapsed in a screaming fit as Denise was proclaimed Miss World. Marina recovered and continued to participate in the subsequent news interviews and photo sessions.  It was said that Marina commented to a news reporter later, "I theenk she steenk!".  Elizabeth Chovinsky, the 4th runner-up, was the only woman from Monaco(Monte Carlo) ever to be a finalist in a major international beauty pageant. Also, an interesting fact that the twin sister of miss norway was at miss universe!!


Miss Egypt Marina Papaelia






Miss Monte Carlo Elizabeth Chovisky






1  FRANCE - Denise Perrier
2  GREECE - Alexandra Ladikou
3  EGYPT - Myshimarina (Marina) Papaelia
4  CEYLON - Manel Illangakoon
5  MONTE CARLO - Elizabeth Chovisky 
6  U.S.A. - Mary Kemp Griffin

The rest of the contenders were :

DENMARK - Ingrid Andersen
FINLAND - Maija-Riitta Tuomala 
GERMANY - Heidi Krueger
HOLLAND - Yvonne Meijer 
ISRAEL - Havatzelet Dror
NORWAY - Solveig Gulbrandsen  
SWEDEN - Ingrid Johansson
SWITZERLAND - Odette Michel





Miss Monte Carlo Elizabeth Chovisky


Dinner in London Embassy


visiting Piccadilly Circus, in London


Miss Norway, Solveig Gulbrandsen


Miss USA Mary Kemp Griffin


Miss Ceylon, Manel Illangakoon


Miss Finland, Maija-Riitta Tuomala


Miss Great Britain, Brenda Mee


Miss Greece, Alexandra Ladikou


Miss Switzerland, Odette Michel




Perrier has done little acting. Her most memorable scene is an uncredited appearance in the 1971 James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.

After leaving her modeling career, Perrier became active in local government in her native France. She was one of the judges at the 2005 Miss World contest.

When asked on stage during Miss world 2005 by host Tim Vincent whether coming back to the pageant brought great memories for her, Ms. Denise said: "You know, it's a wonderful souvenir. When I was 18, long time ago, in '53. And it's a magic moment because I was a boarding school three months before. And suddenly I was Miss World. Wonderful souvenir."






Denisse Perrier was judge in Miss World 2005


9 former Miss World taking part of panel of judge in Miss World 2005, back; Miss World 1992 Yuliya Alexandrovna Kurochkina (Russia), Miss World 1971 Lúcia Tavares (Brazil)

from left to right, Miss World 2001 Agbani Darego (Nigeria), Miss World 1975 Wilnelia Merced Cruz (Puerto Rico), Miss World 1997 Diana Hayden (India), Miss World 1982 Mariasela Alvarez (Dominican Rep.), Miss World 1964 Ann Sidney (United Kingdom), Miss World 1953 Denisse Perrier (France) and Miss World 2004 María Julia Mantilla (Peru)  




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