Pictures of Miss Universe 1992 Beauty Pageant


The Miss Universe 1992 beauty pageant was held in Bangkok, Thailand, taking part 78 women from all over the world.

Namibia’s Michelle McLean was the winner, it was the first time that country made the finals and won!.
The contender of Colombia Paola Turbay was first runner up, starting the good luck of Colombians in Miss Universe, because next two years, Colombia got the first runner up position.

Mexico’s Lupita Jones, Miss Universe 1991, gave up the crown and she invited the audience to visit Mexico next year, because of the celebration of Miss Universe 1993.



WINNER  NAMIBIA - Michelle McLean
2  COLOMBIA - Diana Paola Turbay Gómez
3  INDIA - Madhushri (Madhu) Sapre

BELGIUM - Anke Van Dermeersch
NETHERLANDS - Vivian Jansen
VENEZUELA - Carolina Eva Izsak Kemenify

AUSTRALIA - Georgina Denahy
NEW ZEALAND - Lisa Maree De Montalk
SWEDEN - Monica Brodd
USA - Shannon LaRhea Marketic


we show you some pics taken from T-pageant Magazine of Thailand, enjoy them!!







































































Pictures courtesy T-Pageant Magazine (Thailand)     

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