Miss Universe Pageant 1997
- backstage -

10 years ago there were not cities for hosting the pageant as usual in the new Miss Universe edition, at last minute Miami, USA was chosen to be host for the international pageant, being the edition with less publicity by international press, the winner was USA’s Brook Lee.

The controversy of the pageant was Miss Italy’s background (she born in Dominican Rep. and moved to Italy when she was a teenager). This situation became Miss Italy in one of the most chased by press, she reached the finals.

Miss Venezuela was one of the favourites but this time she had a double challenge, to make the cut and to get the crown, because the current Miss Universe was Venezuela’s Alicia Machado. By the way Alicia got more popularity because of gain weight during her reining and all wanted to see how Alicia would look in the final night.

Lia Victoria Borrero, Miss Panama won later the Miss International 1998 beauty pageant in Japan.

Miss India Nafisa Joseph years later committed suicide. Her dress during interviews in semi finals was one of the most beautiful wearing in Miss Universe for a Miss India.

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Special thanks to Jorge Mercadal of Honduras

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