Ann Sidney, Miss World 1964

In a beautiful night was celebrated Miss World 1964 in the Lyceum Hall of London on November 12, 1964 competing 42 women from all over the world.

That year the winner was Miss United Kingdom, Ann Sidney, 20 years old, dark hair, green eyes, 1.73 cms. tall and 90 – 60 - 90 measures, stylish.


Miss United Kingdom, being crowned by, Joan Carole Crawford, Miss World 1963 Of Jamaica


This triumph was received by joy in United Kingdom because the winner was the local girl, when were 7 finalists left, the audience took for granted the winner would be Miss Argentina, Miss Italy or Miss Brazil,  but Ann Sidney of United Kingdom won and the audience celebrated.


Second place was Ana Maria Soria, Miss Argentina, third place was Linda Lin Su-Shing, Miss Rep. of China; four place was María Isabel de Avellar, Miss Brazil; and fifth place Miss New Zeland, Lindal Cruick-Shank.

Places sixth  and seventh were Miss Italy, Mirka Sartori and Miss Jamaica, Erika Cooke; the rest of semi finalist were Miss Denmark Yvonne Mortensen; Miss Germany, Juliane Herm; Miss USA, Jeanne Marie Quinn; Miss France, Jacqueline Gayraud; Miss Greece, Mary Kouyoumitzou; Miss Montserrat, Helen Joseph; Miss Venezuela, Mercedes Hernández and Miss Liberia, Norma Davis.


Miss World 1964 Ann Sidney, Miss Argentina, Ana Maria Soría, first runner up and Miss Rep. of China, Linda Lin Suhsing, second runner up


Lyndal Cruikshank, Miss New Zealanda (third finalist); Linda Lin Suhsing,  Miss Rep. of China (second finalist);  Ann Sidney, Miss United Kingdom and Miss World 1964; Ana María Soria Miss Argentina (first finalist) and María Isabel de Avellar, Miss Brazil (four finalista)


along with her parents


After spend few days in London as Miss World 1964, Ann Sidney went back home in Dosert, she took a train and stopped in Poole Station where a multitude was waiting for her with flowers, music and the Mayor of the City welcomed her with a speech.


Miss Mundo 1964 en con sus padres firmando contrato con el Secretariado Internacional de la Lana

She took the main avenues of the city in a Roll Royce 1909, of Count Montagu collection, wearing the sash and crown of Miss World along with the Mayor of the City.


Miss World 1964 begun her career as actress and signed a contract with a wool company to be the image of the English company around the world.






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