Miss World & Miss Universe winner's countries at same year


Few times a country wins the most important beauty pageants at same year, which are Miss Universe and Miss World, the first country who got both titles at same year was France, with Christiane Magnani in Miss Universe 1953 and months later with Denise Perrier in Miss World 1953.

Two French winners, Denise Perrier and Christiane Magnani, Miss World and Miss Universe 1953


Years later in Puerto Rico, Australia’s Kerry Anne Wells won the Miss Universe 1972 Pageant and few months later on December 1st. 1972, Belinda Roma Green won the Miss World 1972 Pageant. Nine years later Venezuela’s Irene Laitin Saez Conde ans Carmen Josefina Pilin Leon Crespo conquered Miss Universe 1981 in New York, USA and Miss World 1981 on November 12th in Royal Albert Hall in London, England.


Belinda Roma Green Miss World 1972 of Australia


Kerry Anne Wells Miss Universe 1972 of Australia


Carmen Josefina Pilin Leon Crespo and Irene Laitin Saez Conde, Miss World 1981 and Miss Universe 1981 respectively, both of Venezuela


Pilin Leon Crespo and Irene Saez in Venezuela



In 1994, Shusmita Sen of India wins the Miss Universe Pageant 1994 in Manila, The Philippines and her compatrit Aishwarya Rai wins the Miss World Pageant 1994.


Sushmita Sen Miss Universe 1994 and Aishwarya Rai Miss World 1994 taking part in Miss India Pageant 1995



Venezuela's Jaqueline Aguilera wins Miss World 1995 and Alicia Machado Miss Universe 1996, they did not win at same year thought, both come from the same National Contest in 1995.


Jacqueline Aguilera winning Miss Venezuela for Miss World 1995 and Alicia Machado taking part in Miss Universe 1996, both won their respectively contests.


In 1999 Yukta Mookhey of India wins Miss World 1999 and Lara Dutta of India also wins Miss Universe 2000 in Cyprus, later Priyanka Chopra wins Miss World 2000 where were celebrated the 50 anniversary of the Pageant.


Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta taking part in Miss World and Miss Universe respectively


Miss World 2000 and Miss Universe 2000 both of India



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