Miss "She"

The National Magazine Company, distributors of several leading magazines throughout Britain, launched a Miss Vanity Fair competition in 1954 in an attempt to boost sales of that particular magazine.

After one year it was felt that "She" magazine was more suited to a competition and Butlin's were approached to include it into their weekly entertainment programme for the holidaymaker and the competition was renamed Miss She.

Butlin's Holiday Camps were founded by Billy Butlin to provide economical holidays in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Billed as a competition in 'Day Wear', the Miss She became an institution throughout Britain with enormous entries at the weekly heats on all the Butlin Centres and Hotels.

Ladies from 18 to 80 competed and whilst the word "fashion" was never mentioned in publicity, it did become more of a fashion show at the Area Final and Grand Final stages as the regulars tried to outdo each other.

The enormous age range of the competitors was one of the nice things about this particular competition as Grandmothers could easily compete against the younger beauty queens.

The "She" became the biggest sponsored event ever at Butlin's spanning a period of thirty years. The winner of the title in 1964 reached the dizzy heights of stardom when in the same year she won the, Miss World title. That lady was Miss Ann Sidney!! (more info)


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