Kenya Moore Miss USA 1993


Kenya Moore, Miss USA 1993, 22 years old, a professional model, undoubtedly she has been the contestant most booed in Miss Universe 1993, celebrating that year in Mexico City, the reason was the exclusion of Mexico’s Angelina Gonzalez of semi-finals, a group of people got angry when they realized their favourite did not make it, they booed Kenya and blame her for taking the spot who would belong to Miss Mexico –supposedly-, Keny Moore place 5th.



In spite of having the distinction of being the most beautiful North American of 1993, Kenya have a past that she has not overcome. She admits that it is hard for a daughter to say “I don’t love my mother”, and it is precisely her situation, since Kenya is the product of an "accident" due to the inexperience and immaturity of her parents, her mother rejected the pregnancy nevertheless her father supported the birth.



Her mother felt embarrassing all the time and she ended up leaving Kenya, she grew up with out maternal love, even the effort her grandmother to care her and give her all the love possible. Years later Kenya understood the situation and the link with her grandmother increased notably nevertheless she is trying to close this cruel scar of her past.



VIDEO: Shannon Marketic final walk as Miss USA 1992 and the finals leading up to the crown of Kenya Summer Moore as Miss USA 1993

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