The strange and improbable photos of a beauty contest
-2007 edition- 1st. part

Year by year elanecdotario presents pictures of beauty pageants that we can not say are “beautiful” but curios and strange, those pictures have been gathered troughout the year from internet and system.

Here is the first part of the strange and improbable photos of beauty pageants!!!!!




Priscila Perales Miss Mexico 2006 is in the banner as the new Mis Universe 2006 but the real winner was Zuleika Rivera of Puerto Rico crowned in Los Angeles, USA



And once again someone is not agree with the outcomes of Miss Universe 2006 and made this photomontage where Miss Switzerland Lauriane Gilliéron is the new Miss Universe



And one more time this photomontage is shown throughout internet where Natalie Glebova crowns the new Miss Universe, Kurara Chibana of Japan, original picture is on the right





Just for fun, men plays to be a “beauty queen” wearing sash and crown here are some pictures taken from internet







Miss Thailand 2004 gestures in make up session during taping of Miss Universe 2004 held in Quito, Ecuador



Amelia Vega Miss Universe 2003 (right) reacts when she see the birds in Galapagos Island, Ecuador, 3 contenders for Miss Universe 2004 are along her

Miss Universe 2006 reacts in a funny way in this picture



Cinthya Olavarria gestures very funny when the dress got entangled in Evening Gown competition in Miss Puerto Rico

What Miss Venezuela 2005 will have said to Miss Puerto Rico 2005 to made shout her in that way?





Finalist of Miss Mexico 2007 Alejandra Espinoza dances in a very weird way …



She indeed enjoy to dance!!, Sushmita Sen Mis Universe 1994 of India dances during a film in India, Sushmita is nowadays a recognized actress in Asia



Amelia Vega Miss Universe 2003 dances meringue in Nicaragua during the National Pageant in that country





Casandra Polo Miss Puerto Rico World 2002 appears in a Turkish newspaper where the main news in Azra Akin Miss World 2002 of Turkey, the editor made a mistake and published a Miss Puerto Rico picture in stead of Azra Akin


Contender at 2006 Miss Earth poses in bathing suit wearing a sash with a misspell country name, the correct name is Guadeloupe



Miss Mexico 2006 in semi-final competition in Miss Universe, but in the web site appears a banner which reads Miss Canada in stead of Miss Mexico




Azra Akin Miss World 2002 (in red) of Turkey pretends take away a fictitious crown of her head during rehearsals

Sushmita Sen Miss Universe 1994 tries to explain the size of something during an interview




Miss Indonesia 2006 takes the Miss Japan 2006 saber in a challenging way and Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe 2004 enjoys her new motorcycle while her accompanists follow her walking and running


What is watching the police man at Miss France during Miss Universe 2001? And Stephany Howard Miss Doll San Andres 2007 of Colombia have been dethroned for posing in topless in a magazine (at least this happened in doll’s world)


What a show!!! The new Mrs. World 2006 of Costa Rica Andrea Bermudez Romero waves the audience, minutes later she was taken off of the crown and sash because a mistake had been done!!! The Mrs. World 2005 of Israel gave up the crown the first runner up in stead of the correct winner, of Russia Sofia Arzhakovskaya, after TV commercials, the announcement of the new Mrs. World was done again and now, the correct winner was crowned!! While Mrs. Costa Rica was backstage crying, this happened in St. Petersburg Russia on April 29, 2006



Miss Universe 2005, Natalie Glebova after gave up her crown in Bangkok Thailand, sign with an important Thai company, now her image are in all Asia



Miss Ghana 1998 fell down in semi-final competition during Miss World




Pictures gathered troughout internet and some of them sent by Osmuc and Frederick Barraza (Mexico)

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