ANA BERTHA LEPE, Miss Mexico 1953, suffering a discourtesy
June 16th, 1954, “the organizers did not invite me to crown my successor”


Ana Bertha show off the dress that she would wear in the coronation night

The most notable rebuff was made to dazzling Ana Bertha Lepe (placed four in Miss Universe 1953), in Miss México 1954, when the organizers not invite her to crown her successor, everybody in the Theatre were wondering Why Ana Bertha didn’t attend the pageant?, to clear everything she and her father give an interview to a newspaper.


It is not true I charged 12,000 pesos to crown the new Miss Mexico, it is a lies made by Carlos Guerrero, Miss Mexico Pageant Publicist. I had the illusion to meet all contenders and tell them my experience and offer them my assistant, to have got the four place in Miss Universe made me more confident to transmit my experience.


I bought a beautiful dress to wear in final night, I was sitting along to the telephone until the last minute waiting for a call, and nobody call me, I cried a lot thinking the audience wanted see me and I was not able to go because I was not invited.


It was known that organizers did not invited me because I could “overshadow” the contestants because I placed high in Miss Universe, other version was the committee was angry with me because I have follow my artist carer, what a contradiction! because in Miss Universe the prize for the finalists is a contract for television and cinema.


Mr. Lepe a country man says; since my daughter was elected as Miss Mexico, Mr. Carlos Guerrero (Miss Mexico publicist) had visited my house often, he was always welcome until he tried to conquer her with music but my daughter did not pay attention to him and he got angry and broke the windows and did a scandal. Mr. Lepe stopped him and said if he returns at the house he would repent of it.

The consequence was that the Casanova took revenge, NOT INVITING MY DAUGHTER TO THE FINAL OF THIS YEAR.



Elvira Castillo Olvera, Miss Mexico 1954, a teacher, 19 years old, was crowned by Adela Formosa de Obregón Santaella, in stead of Ana Bertha Lepe


She holds the trophy won in Miss Universe in Long Beach, USA, her father is along her




Collaboration of José Alfredo Téllez (Mexico)    

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