"Coincidences between Miss Universe 1987 and Miss Earth 2006"


Chile has two women with the most important titles in the world, Cecilia Bolocco, Miss Universe 1997 and Hil Hernández Miss Earth 2006, here are some coincidences among them.



1.- Both were 22 years old when they were crowned.


2.- Both were crowned as the most beautiful woman in Asia, Cecilia did it in Singapore and Hil in Philippines.


3.- Both were eliminated in Miss South America, Cecilia travelled to Colombia in 1987 , Patricia López Ruiz of Colombia won. Hil travelled to Bolivia to participate in South America Queen 2004, Miss Paraguay won.


Official Picture of Hil Hernandez in South America Queen 2004


4.- Both withdrew themselves from the contest Miss Chile as soon as they were inscribed, Cecilia did it in 1985 and Hil in 2005.


5.- Hil and Cecilia were crowned by a Venezuelan.



Collaboration of Ramón Araya Zuñiga (Chile)   

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