Francys  Sudnicka, Miss Poland 2006

Francys Máyela Barraza Sudnicka who father is Venezuelan and mother is Polish, she participated in Miss Venezuela 2003 as Miss Trujillo reaching the 10 semifinalist on October 16th, she has already won other pageants as Miss Tourism Venezuela 2000 and then Miss Tourism World 2000, and she also competed in Accra, Ghana in Model of the Universe 2003 and won it.



After to go Poland to study and working as a model, she decided to enter at Miss Poland in 2005 reaching the 5 finalist, the winner Malwina Ratajczak travelled to Miss World 2005 and she was going to Miss Universe 2006 also, but problems came out and Poland Org. decided to crown Francys Sudnicka as Miss Poland for Miss Universe. This would be the second time that two Venezuelans face each other in Miss Universe.


Jitczad Viña (VENEZUELA) and Francys Sudnicka (POLAND) did not stand out in Miss Universe 2006 held in Los Angeles, USA.





Francys Barraza Sudnicka during Miss Universe 2006

in Miss Venezuela 2003 as Miss Trujillo where she was one of the semi-finalist


After her participation in Miss Universe Polish Org. decided to send her at Miss Earth 2006 in Manila Philippines, Francys became a favourite and got the 8 finalist, the Venezuelan Marianne Puglia was Miss Earth Fire.

Video: interview to Miss India and Miss Poland during semi-finals in Miss Earth 2006

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Two Venezuelans in Miss Earth 2006, Marianne Puglia and Francys Barraza



Francys Máyela Barraza Sudnicka born in Valencia, Venezuela on December 8, 1978, she speaks Spanish, English, Polish, Russian and German

Beauty Pageants she has participated:

Miss Tourist Venezuela 2000 and Miss Tourist World 2000

Miss Trujillo 2003 Semifinalist of Miss Venezuela 2003

Model Of The Universe 2003

Miss Poland Universe 2006

Miss Universe 2006 (she didn't make it)

Finalist Miss Earth 2006





Collaboration of Josept Gomez Monterroza (Venezuela)    

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