Miss Disability

Beauty queens with disabilities, when reigns the interior beauty


The today’s world is in evolution, human rights and same opportunities surpass all the barriers including the beauty pageants. When disabilities exist, the beauty and the superficial go a second plane...



Here some samples:

In 1966 in USA, Douglas Burke created the contest Miss deaf America, celebrating every 2 years, where deaf girls from 18 until 28 were able to participate. The goal was to gain funds for the organization.

1995.- Heather Whitestone, Miss Alabama became the first disability woman to be crowned as Miss America, she won the talent competition dancing “la via della rosa” and the bath suite competition.




final interview to Miss America 1994 Kimberly Aiken and the announcement of the new Miss America 1995

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Miss Leon, Arianna Alvarez 2002.- She competed at Miss Spain and became a semi finalist. Months before she dazzled the fashion designer Lorenzo Caprile. He met her at fashion parade in a mall in Ponferrada, the designer of Madrid (who wore Infanta Cristina in her wedding), augur a place for her in Algeciras, city where the pageant was held.

He promised her an exclusive design for her and she wore a Caprile wedding dress during the final in Miss Spain.


She won in a discotheque and when the host call her as the winner, she did not even turn pale was the nudge of her opponent who indicated her she was won.


Vanessa Peretti, Miss Sucre 2006, became the first deaf and dumb to represent Venezuela at Miss International Pageant.

She said in an interview that her mother support her to participate in beauty pageants, “she always told me, you are gonna be a miss”.





Miss Limousin 2006 - 2007, Sophie Vouzeland, Miss France 2006 first runner up, she is a beautiful deaf girl with blue eyes

Video: interview to Miss Limousin during Miss Francia 2006

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