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Venezuela has stood out in international beauty pageants as Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and now Miss International where recently won its 5th crown with Daniela Di Giacomo in China on November 11, 2006, it is interesting to note that the last 4 winner of Miss International won theirs respective years every 3 years (1997, 2000, 2003 and 2006).


Daniela Di Giacomo, Miss International 2006


Since 1960 Venezuela has participated successfully in the Pageant and in 1985 wins its first Miss International crown with Alejandrina (Nina) Sicilia Hernández.

Twelve years later wins the second crown with Consuelo Adler in Tokyo on 1997, juts 1 year later almost win another crown with Daniela Kosan who was first runner up, Lia Victoria Borrego of Panama won. In 1999 Andreina Llamozas was semi finalist, on October 4, 2000, Vivian Urdaneta won the crown for Venezuela.


Alejandrina (Nina) Sicilia Hernández, Miss International 1985 (first Venezuelan to conquer Miss International title)


In 2001 Ana Zambrano got the second place, in 2002 Cinthya Lander Miss Venezuela 2001 four place in Miss Universe, she did not make it in Queen of Coffee, first runner up in Miss Mesoamerica 2002, travelled in emergency to Japan because nobody of finalist in Miss Venezuela 2002 were able to attend the pageant, Lander came to Japan as favourite but she didn’t make into the semi finalist, she is currently a host of a tv show in Venezuela.

But in 2003 everything change with Goizeder Victoria Azua Barrios, a beautiful girl 19 years old, came from Carabobo, fifth place in Miss World 2002, just 1 month ago she won the pageant Miss Mesoamerica International in Texas USA, Goizeder won for Venezuela its four Miss International title.


Goizeder Victoria Azua Barrios, Miss International 2003


In 2004 Eleidy Aparicio wins the right to represent Venezuela at Miss International, she had 1 entire year to prepare but she didn’t make it, Maria Andrea Gómez a blonde girl from Caracas participate in 2005 reaching the semi finals, and in 2006 Daniela a spectacular and vibrant blonde girl wins for fifth time for Venezuela the Miss International crown.


Alejandrina (Nina) Sicilia Hernández (1985), Daniela Di Giacomo (2006) and Consuelo Adler (1997)


Video: Miss Venezuela in Miss International

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