Hillevi Rombin, Miss Universe 1955 (Sweden)



Hillevi Rombin born in Sweden on September 14, 1933, she grew up in Uppsala, Sweden, she was an athlete and became National Decathlon Champion before she entered the Pageants, Hillevi was Miss Universe 1955.

The life of the first Swedish Miss Universe was interesting as all beauty queens, after take part in her first movie along actor Steve Allen, about the life of famous composer and Jazz player Benny Goodman, where she performance an student who admire the composer. Hillevi declare in her first press conference as Miss Universe in New York, that she will carry on with her duties as beauty queen before comeback to Sweden with her boyfriend, an airplane pilot called Nils Benker.

During her travels around the world and staying in dozens of hotels, every time she leaves it a manager tells her “it is a shame you have to go, Mr. Schine arrives tomorrow and he would like to meet you”.

After her reign as Miss Universe, Hillevi married with the owner of same hotels where she used to stay, the American millionaire Mr. David Schine.

She lived in Los Angeles, USA, where she used to take care a dozens of dogs, to enjoy her residence with more than 33 rooms, to keep studying languages and working in movies. She made a role as air hostess in “Istambul” with Erol Flynn.
Hillevi and her husband had 6 children.

On July 19, 1996 she and her husband were killed in a plane crash along with one of her children, the pilot of the plane. All three were buried together. Hillevi had 62 years old and she is one of the most remembered by Swedish.





with her 6 children in the 60's



she, her husband and one of her kids were killed in a plane crash, all three were buried together


15 semi finalists in Miss Universe 1955





Miss Venezuela Susana Duijm who months later became Miss World


wearing National Costumes the contenders of Ecuador, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Lebanon


group of contestants and Hillevi Rombin already crowned as Miss Universe kiss her bodyguard




Miss Sweden Hillevi Rombin and Miss Norway Solveig Borstad along with current Miss Universe waiting for going stage



visiting a cinema studio


the contestants of Chile, Italy and England visiting a cinema studio








during rehearsals Miss Finland, Miss Norway and Miss Sweden


Hillevi Rombin of Sweden is crowning Miss Universe 1955 by Miriam Stevenson,
Miss Universe 1954 of USA




the 5 finalists; Mis Germany Margit Nünke (3rd. runner up), Miss El Salvador Maribel Arrieta Gálvez (1st. runner up), Miss Sweden Hillevi Rombin (Miss Universe 1955), Miss Ceylon Maureen Neliya Hingert (2nd. runner up) and Miss Japan Keiko Takahashi  (4th runner up)




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