Susana Duijm Miss World 1955 (Venezuela)



Eleven beautiful and young girls met them each other in Hotel Tamanaco in Caracas, on Saturday, July 9, 1955. After 3 rounds with the judges, there were 3 finalist left, Ivonne Cisneros Barceló (Bolívar), Mireya Casas Robles (Distrito Federal) and Carmen Susana Duijm Zubillaga (Miranda).

Mireya’s people, a rich girl from Caracas filled the place to support her, in a PerezJimenizta dictator, it was obvious that the rich girl would win. The second runner up was Ivonne Cisneros, and when they were going to announce the winner, there was a tie, Captain Wolfgang Larrazábal Ugueto member of the judges, stood up and said “due I am the only military man of the judges I claim Mireya Casas as the winner”.

Then Ms. Carola Reverón one of the judges said “I suggest the result should be decided by the audience applause”. In that way the entire hall gave a sonorous applause to gorgeous Susana Duijm representing Miranda.

That night began the legend of a woman coming from a poor family; she is a daughter of a father Jew from Suriname Abraham Duijm and a Venezuelan mother Carmen Zubillaga. Susana born in Caracas on August 11, 1936, she is 1.74 mts. tall, dark hair, brunette, and a very good body. She worked as secretary and lived with her parents.

Susana went two beauty pageants, first to Miss Universe 1955 in USA where she was a semifinalist, in that Pageant Eric Douglas Morley invited her to take part in his Contest called Miss World. Susana could save money thanks her godmother Carola Reverón de Behrens and went to London.

She spoke a little English, nobody picked her up at airport, and a journalist of the newspaper competition took her and carried a hotel. Everyday she was on newspaper until Eric Morley found her. The final night arrived and October 20, 1955 she won the title of Miss World 1955 competing with 21 contestants, she became the first Miss World from Venezuela and the first Latin-American winning an international pageant.

Susana filmed several movies in Mexico, she returned to Venezuela where she was an actress of soup operas and host of TV Shows. She married Argentina’s Martin Cerruti they had 3 kids, Carolina del Valle, who was Miss Apure 1983 and represented Venezuela at Miss World; Marianella del Valle and José Martín, they live in USA. Susana got divorce 7 years later she married.

During Miss Venezuela 2005 she was honored because of 50th anniversary for being crowned Miss World.





Contribution of Josept Gregorio (Venezuela)     

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