Pilín León, Miss World 1981 (Venezuela)

Carmen Josefina Pilin Crespo better known as Pilin Leon born in Maracay Venezuela on May 19th, 1963, she took part in Miss World 1981 held in Miami and London where she won the title.

She was 1.78 mts tall, 90 60 90 measurements, and an exotic typology mixed with her Asians type eyes and white skin, she wore a beautiful green evening gown designed by Piera Ferrari. Venezuelan Government honored her named a petroleum ship with her name, nevertheless by politics issues on July 16th, 2003 the name’s ship was changed into “Negra Matea” a historical woman in Venezuela.

Change was done because of Pilin took part in a National Strike in 2002 and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez, declared her as “undeserved honor for a woman who did not deserve and don’t deserved even now that high patriotic honor, and being conspired against the country’s petroleum, and to threaten with a mortal damage to the country where she was born”.

Pilin runs her own company “Pilin Leon Productions”, she married since 20 years ago with her eternal boyfriend, they have 3 child.




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