Helen Morgan, Miss World 1974 for just 4 days

Helen Morgan being crowned as Miss World 1974 by Julia Morley, wife of Eric Morley, CEO of Miss World



The Royal Albert Hall in London was full on November 22, 1974 where was celebrated de Miss World Pageant over 25 millions (in UK) watched the event by TV


Three days prior to the grand final, the police received a message about a possible terrorist attack in the Royal Albert Hall in the final of Miss World, one day ago in Birminham a explosion killed 19 people and the atmosphere in London was no quite.

The Miss World staff, journalist, the audience and the contenders were fearful during the 3 hours of show.


A lot of people of the secret police was guarding at all time over the development of the contest that lucky did not produce any incident.






Gail Margaret Petit. Miss Australia, Mariza Sommer, Miss Brazil, Lea Klein, Miss Israel, Aneline Kriel, Miss SouthAfrica, Sue Nicholson, Miss New Zealand, Helen Morgan, Miss United Kingdom



Evgenia Dafni, Miss Greece, Natividad Rodríguez, Miss Spain and Lupita Elorriaga Valdez, Miss Mexico


Helen Morgan, Miss United Kingdom, Aneline Kriel, Miss South Africa, Sue Nicholson, Miss New Zealand, Lea Klein, Miss Israel, Gail Margaret Petit, Miss Australia



Luz Maria Osorio Fernàndez, Miss Colombia, Natividad Rodriguez, Miss Spain


Patricia Orfila, Miss Gibraltar, Loyda Eunice Valle, Miss Puerto Rico


From 58 contenders, the favourites were Miss United Kingdom, Miss Australia, Miss Brazil, Miss South Africa and Miss Sweden. Each delegate was scored in National Costume, swimming suit and evening gown, in the final night the most favoured were the anglo contenders leaving out all contenders of Latin America. The biggest ovation was for Miss Gibraltar Patricia Orfila, because of sentimental political reasons towards the British Colony.

The Miss World 1974 title was won by Helen Morgan, Miss United Kingdom, 1.70 mts. tall, 89 60 89 measures, brown colour hair, hazelnut eyes, professional model, she would like host a sport events and want to buy a car, a coat of mink and to travel all over the world besides studying journalism. Prior to win the title Miss United Kingdom, she joined the Miss Wales Pageant where she won and represented her country at 1974 Miss Universe Pageant, where she placed second, achievement made before in 1961 by her compatriot Rosemary Frankland.



Gail Margaret Petith, Miss Australia; Anneline Kriel,  Miss South Africa, Helen Elizabeth Morgan, Miss United Kingdom (winner), Lea Klein, Miss Israel and Terry Ann Browning, Miss USA



Second place was for Miss South Africa Anneline Kriel, dramatic arts student, third place was for Lea Klein Miss Israel, teacher, four place Gail Margaret Petit, Miss Australia, secretary, fifth place Terry Ann Browning Miss USA, model, six place Miss Sweden Jill Lindqvist and seven place Miss Japan Chikako Shima.

The rest of the semi-finalist were Natividad Rodríguez, Miss Spain; Julie Ann Farnham, Miss Ireland; Sue Nicholson, Miss New Zealand; Mariza Sommer, Miss Brazil; Torill Larsen, Miss Norway; Andrea Lyon, Miss Jamaica; Linda Yvonne Field, Miss Barbados and Evelyn Peggy Williams, Miss Africa South.






For the first time the title has been won by a young mother, it is important to note that the rules says, all the aspirants are able to take part the pageant as soon they are singles and Helen it is. She is the first mother to take part and win, leaving an unusual precedent in beauty pageants.

Her first declarations were “I offer the triumph to my son Richard. I will feel proud that when he grow up he can says that his mother is officially one of the most beautiful woman in the world”.

After this a lot of protest by sponsor and contestants were made, because the title was given to a single mother.



Loyda Eunice Valle, Miss Puerto Rico declared to the Press "we have been upset with this contest and we regret having come here. It was seen that the only winner will be Miss United Kingdom".

Natividad Rodríguez, Miss Spain “we believe Helen Morgan has won because of her mother-condition”

Luz María Osorio Fernández, Miss Colombia declared openly her upset “it’s no right to crown a Miss World being mother; the organization has a double face. Past year Miss World of USA resigned the title, this year they has chosen a single mother. I think the Miss World prestige is coming down in pieces”.

Moreover once she land her country attacked again the contest, assuring the event was made up for winning United Kingdom. Everything was a big joke; they made a fun of us, of our countries.

“They made up the election, and all our countries were cheated"


Eric Morley, CEO of Miss World replied:

"Complaints coming from the fact Miss United Kingdom have a baby, but this was not transgressing any rule of the contest. He said the rules will be change in order not allow to take part any mother, being single or married, because she were not able to pay attention her baby due the many duties as Miss World".




SOURCE: 10 minutos, Murano, SEMANA, Excelsior, Vanidades.

Special thanks to Sebastián of Sevilla, Spain


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Helen Morgan's scandalous declarations when she was dismissed as Miss World and the coronation of the new Miss World 1974, from South Africa Anneline Kriel



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