The strange and improbable photos of a beauty contests
- 2006 edition-

2nd. part

Year by year elanecdotario presents pictures of beauty pageants that we can not say are “beautiful” but curios and strange, those pictures have been gathered trough the year from internet and system.

Here is the second and last part of the strange and improbable photos of a beauty contests!!!

Photomontages and Miss Universe 2006 pictures

Miss Universe playing the guitar

Miss El Salvador 2006 wearing the original sash of Miss Universe “I wear it for a minute”

Before to be Miss Universe, Zuleika Rivera models in Puerto Rico, here is a picture where the shoes doesn’t fit ….

Miss Universe 1996 of Aruba Tarin Mansell in a interview during a flight to her country, unfortunately it was a fake sash the real winner was Alicia Machado of Venezuela

Dolls .....

Miss Dominican Rep. and Miss Puerto Rico 2005 along with .... "miss universe"?????

From Canaries Islands, Spain, Miss Earth doll 2006!!!!

The two crowns more important in the world (and the smallest too)

Miss World 2004 in a doll version and a draw of Miss Brazil for Miss Universe fictitious

She is not a doll tough, she deserves to be in this section, because she is a truly doll, with a costume of clown the unforgettable Oxana Fedorova Miss Universe 2002 (dethroned) of Russia

This beautifull woman won one of the best beauty pageants in its category, Miss International Queen 2005 held in Thailand, she represented USA and she is a man

More strange pictures of beauty pageants….

Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA completely choreographed to wear the crown and former Miss World of Greece taking the Olympic torch in Athens 2004

and a new queen has been crowned

At least during rehearsals in Bangkok during Miss Universe 2005

What strange picture … look at the Miss South Africa Poster and check out where is the crown, they are the candidates for Miss South Africa 2006, perhaps the girl under the crown will be the winner? A premonition?…… maybe!

Miss Kenya 2005 during evening gown competition in Miss Universe wearing a beautiful tattoo in forehead coming from tribes in Africa, Have you seen something like that?

cute picture!! A llama and Amelia Vega Miss Universe 2003

Miss Brazil competing in Miss International in 60’s, and even the focus of picture is Miss Italy, the lady from background stand out

From left to right Miss Universe 1980 walking along with ….. a tiger?? Funny picture taken during opening in Miss Universe 1994 and Miss Uruguay 1985 happy because of represent her country

Many are not happy with the new Miss Venezuela, particularly the man who tries to walk between flowers

Nice candidates of Miss Universe 1961

Susie Castillo Miss USA 2003 sends kisses and surprise!! we have a Miss Food City also!!!!

One of the 3 most beautiful girls in the world in 2003, even you don’t believe they are from left to right Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe (with out make out and home pictures)

Picture of Miss International 2005, but we don’t understand, what make left candidate laugh like that?

OMG, opposite really exist, Miss World 2004 Maju Mantilla with a fan in China

Candidates of Miss Universe 1982 are chasing in Arequipa Peru (they were film a promotional really)

What we have to see nowadays, the one from left she won the Miss World Pageant 2002, check out the shoes, the earrings, the dress, everything!!!!!! Strange picture taken to the reflection of the floor of a candidate wearing the sash and the miss world crown, oh yea, they lend it just for the picture

Miss World 1993 of Jamaica working out, With these instructors who don’t want to work out?

Why this contender of Miss World 2005 held in Sanya, China is in tiptoe?

Contenders of Miss USA 2006 pose in a non traditional way

Miss Afghanistan Earth during National Custom in Manila Philippines during Miss Earth pageant

Falls ...

Miss World 2005 fall during Miss Iceland Pageat 2006

Jennifer Hawkins Miss Universe 2004 in a fashion show in Australia when fall down her skirt

Miriam Quiambao of Philippines fall during evening gown semifinal competition in Miss Universe 1999


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