.....And who will crown the new Miss World 1966?

On November 17th, took place in the Lyceum Ball Room of London, the election XVI of Miss World, winning the title between 51 contenders Reita Faria, Miss India.

What it demonstrates to us that non all Miss World are Anglo or Scandinavians due to the critics of favouritisms for the pageant, because previous years the victory had been for the British Ann Sidney in 1964 and Lesley Langley in 1965, and 3 years before for Wales’ Rosemary Frankland in 1961, this was hardly criticised for the world press.

No way this reduce merits to extraordinary beauty of Reita, 23 years old, 1.72 mts. tall and 88 60 88 measures, a medicine student who speak English, French and two Indian dialects.

When she was named as Miss World didn’t avoid drop tears, her first words were in favour to her country and she would delay her studies for medicine and take a speciality in Gynecology because in her country is very demanded and would delay her wedding with a Tea agriculturist in Bengala.

Second place was for Miss Yugoslavia (current Serbia and Montenegro) Nikita Marinovic a professional model, which was considered a way to keep happy the East block due the discussion between West and Communist blocks in Europe, third place was for Miss Greece Efi Fontini Plumbi a model also, four place was gotten by Miss Brazil Marlucci Manvailler, fifth place was for Miss Italy Gigliola Carbonera who model in bathing suit competition with out shoes.

Miss Norway Birgit Andersen and Miss United States Denice Blair got seven and eight place respectively.

The rest of the semi finalist were Miss Argentina Gabriela Guardone, Miss Canada Diana Coulter, Miss Dominican Republic Jeanette Dotel; Miss France Michéle Boule, Miss Germany Jutta Lanske, Miss Guyana Umblita Van Sluytman; Miss South Africa Johanna Maud Carter and Miss United Kingdom Jennifer Lowe Summer.

Cause disagreement the resign of the competition of Paquita Torres Miss Spain due the presence of Miss Gibraltar Grace Valverde, because Paquita thought that Gibraltar is a Spain colony and not British colony as the fact it is, she didn’t agree with that and left the competition, leave a wake of politic tone in the Contest.





That year the producers of MECCA (official sponsor of the Pageant) leading by Eric Morley, would have wanted to set an royal atmosphere at the crowning moment, they want that a real princess crown the new Miss World, it is because during those days was in London Princess Grace of Monaco and Princess Muna of Jordania and they dared to request the presence of the first of them and then the second one.

Two diplomatic negatives were sent, and then the producers went to comedian and actor Bob Hope due her experience in beauty pageants, but he decline also arguing he has a lot of work.

Traditionally the current Miss World crown the new Miss World but on first days of November Eric Morley said that would not request the presence of Miss World 1965 Lesly Langlesy, because on first days of that year she refused to crown the new Miss United Kingdom 1966. But at last minute Morley changed his mind and invited Lesly, who also rejected the invitation saying that BBC Television has asked her to comment the results of the contest for a TV Special show.

Even to be Miss World was not a dream for her, it changed her life forever, and 40 years has happened since then, and now, Rita is happy married with a doctor who meet in London and she has returned to Miss World Pageant as special guest or as a judge.

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