They looked like this 27 years ago….

The Miss Universe Pageant of 1978 held in Acapulco México was much publized in Mexico where one of the better Magazines did an extensive article about former Miss Mexicos.

Olga Llorens (the first Miss Mexico in 1952)
“at that time it was a war of nerves, with out much camaraderie ”

Silvia Dervez (finalist Miss Mexico 1952)
“losers don’t complain about their luck”, “I had hoped to win”

left to right Olga Llorens and Silvia Derbez


Ana Bertha Lepe (Miss Mexico 1953)

“Mexican woman is conditioned by traditions”, “She doesn’t believe that things last ”, “many wanted me for a lover”, “being an attractive woman inspire envy”


Ana Bertha Lepe


Elvira Castillo (Miss Mexico 1954)
“I was the most down-to-earth Miss Mexico, married to Olympic winner Joaquin Capilla”

Elvira Castillo

Virma Gonzalez (third place Miss Mexico 1954)
“The least glamorous Miss of all”, “but I am very ugly!!”, “Elvira won because of favoritism, she makes up herself by pinching her cheeks ”

 Irma Arevalo (Miss Mexico 1957)
“they didn´t allow me to go out alone”,”Lorena Velazques wanted to kidnapp her”

Lorena Velazquez (second place Miss México 1957)
“She got angry …!”, “Irma Arevalo was from Spain”, “she made it because the Organization was looking for a girl with long legs”

left to right Virma Gonzalez, Irma Arevalo and Lorena Velazquez


Beatriz Solorzano (Miss México 1963)

known as Ana Martin “she won and nobody knew….”, “she went to London (at Miss World Pageant) and cameback epileptic”, “the thrills of beauty pageants are ephemeras”

Jeannine Acosta (Miss México 1965)

“Jeannine in Miami Beach and she was only 16 years old”, “the daughter of a Veteran of World war II”, “she rejected a career in movies because wanted to get married in stead”

Valentina Vales (Miss Mexico) “to win is wonderful and during a whole years everybody talk about Miss Mexico”

left to right Beatriz Solorzano, Jeannine Acosta and Valentina Vales

Carla Reguera (Miss Mexico 1976)

“weighing 54 kgs. She said oh my God I’m fat”, “expert in auto mechanic”

Felicia Mercado (Miss Mexico 1977)

“this is a dream from which I don’t want to wake up” Mexican men like to control and sooner or later "macho” comes out

left to right Carla Reguera and Felicia Mercado

-Alba Margarita Cervera (Miss Mexico 1978)
"Her age didn't let her participate "

Alba Margarita Cervera

-Martha Ortiz (Miss Mexico 1978 first runner up)
"The most beautiful, she is very focused, the best"

Martha Eugenia Ortiz

Collaboration of Alexboy777 (Mexico) 

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