Helena Merlin, Miss Venezuela Young International 1975

Helena Merlin, 50 years old was found living on the streets of Margarita Island, Venezuela, a beautiful blonde who dazzled the judges at 1975 Miss Venezuela beauty pageant where she won a spot of third finalist and represented Venezuela at Miss Young International beauty pageant in 1975. With blue eyes as sky and a “gold hair” she lives in extremely poverty, drugs has consumed her life, she is not that beautiful woman she was.


She washes cars for living and to buy drugs who consume everyday, she used to work in the airplane presidential and she had an affair with Carlos Andres Perez, former President of Venezuela. Carlos Mata a famous Venezuelan actor asked her to get married but Helena rejected the proposition.


She says in an interview that consume drugs since 4 years ago because of her father’s dead, she could not overcome depress. Helena comes from a high society family in Caracas, she fall in love with a bad guy who taught her the world of the drugs, she is now an addictive woman who has consumed until 200 “stones” everyday.


She ask for help current President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez to go Cuba at hospital to attend her addictive drugs problem.


Experts in the topic say that in Venezuela of 5 people who live in streets 3 have been professionals, university students or famous people.

This case was aired on Venezuelan Television TELEVEN Canal 10, 100% Venezuela, Helena is currently in Cuba in a drug rehabilitation program.


Collaboration of Josept Gomez Monterroza (Venezuela)    

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