Rina Messinger, Miss Universe 1976 (Israel)


The Miss Universe Pageant 1976 was the 25th anniversary of the contest being chosen the mystic port of Hong Kong to receive the 72 most beautiful women in the world, the schedule of the contestants was one of the most busy, situation that got angry several contenders because they were tired, Miss Jamaica, Miss Guadalupe and Miss Marrakech resigned because of this issue.



Miss Turkey helps a contender who vanished because of extenuates rehearsals


The countries who participate for first time were Papua New Guinea, St. Martin, Barbados, and Northern Marianas. Miss Tahiti Amiot Mara, after the semis she withdrawed because of her father’s dead.

In a survey made the contenders many of them said the person who is most admired by them is the mother, followed by the Pope, Gerald Ford and Mohamed Ali.



The final night was held in Chinese Theatre on July 11th with a majestic and luxurious stage who simulated 2 Chinese ships sailing on the ocean, introducing the contenders themselves wearing a national costume then in bathing suite on locations in Hong Kong and Macao.







The 12 semi finalist were called, Miss England Pauline Davies; Miss Curacao, Anneke Dijkhuizen; Miss Hong Kong, Rowena Lam, Miss Israel,  Rina Messinger; Miss Argentina, lilian Deasti; Miss Australia, Julie Anne Ismay; Miss Norway Bente Lihaug; Miss Chile, Maria Elena Sommers; Miss Colombia, Maria Helena Reyes; Miss Wales,  Sian Addey Jones; Miss Venezuela, Judith Josefina Castillo y Miss Scotland, Carol Jean Grant; and for first time in history Miss USA Barbara Petersen, didn’t make it other ones were  Miss Italy Diana Scapolan and Miss Switzerland, Isabelle fischbacher who were favourites also.



Miss Universe 1976 was won by Miss Israel Rina Messinger, a brunette girl with blue eyes, current student and ex military who has attended the army Israeli for 2 years, first runner up was Miss Venezuela Judith Josefina Castillo, second runner up Miss Wales Sian Adey Jones, third runner up Miss Scotland Carolo Jean Grant and fourth runner up Miss Australia Julie Anne Ismay a professional model.



The Miss Photogenic award went to Miss England Pauline Davies, Miss Friendship was won by Miss Trinidad & Tobago Margaret Elizabeth McFarlane, the best National Costume award went to Miss Peru Rocio Lazcano

The election’s judges (who were between them, Director Roman Polansky, former Miss Universe 1966 of Sweden Margareta Arvisson) of Miss Israel as Miss Universe was marked was audacious by the press, because according they if Miss Venezuela would have won who was first runner up, the news would have not standout but with the election of Miss Israel would be a sensation because of the politic weather in the world in that time. Rina days prior to the final night expressed in tears her satisfaction when she was aware about the incursion of Israel Army into Entebbe Airport in Uganda to release dozens of Jewish hostages of terrorists Palestinian.



Rina says that she would like to visit an Arabian country but for Miss Universe Organization it would be a problem to preserve Rina’s security, who for sure would be in the eye of Palestinians terrorists.


One day she was taken to pray a synagogue when they came back for her, she did not find her, she was disappeared, everybody was worried, minutes later she showed up and says "take it easy, Miss Universe wants to go to the bathroom sometimes too".

Rina Messinger, Miss Universe 1976 is the first Israeli to conquer the Miss Universe crown so far (2006), since then nobody has even placed a top 5 spot, Israel has only 3 semi-finalist since 1976, in 1978, 2001 and 2005






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