Miss Russia Moustache

Contestants of Miss Russia Pageant poses for a magazine wearing man clothe and moustache


Miss Russia Inc. was found on 1888, its winners go to the Miss Universe and Miss World Pageant, it was the organizing of USSR also when the country was named like that, sometimes the winner does not go to Miss Universe because of her age, due Miss Russia accept girls from 16 years old, there go her runner up instead.

Aleksandra Ivanovaskaya, Miss Russia 2005, she was 16 years old when she wins

Few years ago they lost the Miss Universe franchise, in 2003 won Svetlana Korolyova but she won the Miss Europe Pageant, Therefore Miss Russia Org. made a separate pageant for Miss Universe and winner was 17-year old Yulia Akhonkova. As she was only 17 she was not eligible. Therefore the 1st RU of that separate pageant Maria Smirnova was supposed to go to MU 2003.

But she was not eligible either as she was a Playmate of the Month in the Russian edition of Playboy magazine. (nevertheless Miss Australia 2005 and Miss Spain 2000 were allowed to participate in Miss Universe in their respectively years when they found pictures in topless published in Magazines).


Miss Russia Org. chose decided to send to Olesya Bodarenko (who was 1st RU in the original Miss Russia pageant won by Svetlana Koroleva) to represent Russia at Miss Universe 2003, held in Panama.

The following 2 years was a different Organization (Rambler) who send the contestant to Miss Universe throughout votes by internet.

In 2005 the winner Aleksandra Ivanovaskaya was going to Miss Universe 2006 (now with the original Miss Russia Organization because they took back the franchise), but the new Miss Russia was 16 years old, then her 1st RU Alla Tretyakova was supposed to go to Los Angeles but she got married two months before the Miss Universe-pageant. And the 2nd RU couldn´t go either as she was only 17. Therefore Miss Russia Org. decided to hold a separate pageant for Miss Universe again and this was won by Anna Litvinova (who already participated in the official Miss Russia-pageant 2004), Anna was a semifinalist in Miss Universe 2006.



Aleksandra Ivanovskaya, Miss Russia 2005


Anna Litvinova, semifinalist in Miss Universe 2006 (right) poses wearing man clothe and moustache



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