Isabel Sarli's history, Miss Argentina 1955

Isabel "Coca" Sarli (Hilda Isabel Gorrindo Sarli), was born in 1930. She had a problematic childhood (she was left by her father at 3 years old), in her youth, she worked as secretary and model, but her life changed when she was elected Miss Argentina and participate in Miss Universe 1955, where she was semifinalist between 37 candidates. Evidently such success pays her a lot of press attention.


Director, producer and actor, Armando Bo thought she could be the star of his next film.


Her first film “El trueno entre las hojas” (thunder on leaves) of 1956 was going to be historic in Argentina, because it is going to be showed for first time a frontal nude in Argentina.


But Isabel was cheated on; the original screenplay mentioned a scene where Isabel takes a shower naked in the river, but she was told that was going to be filmed with a mesh covering the camera.


The movie was a big success however the critic didn’t accept it, too much crude they said. From this film Armando Bo and Isabel Sarli made others 27 films, where gradually they were leaving their artistic pretensions as from beginning they thought to do it, turned the film out to be erotic and then films with explicit sex.

In Argentina the most censurable films were Sarli’s movies, she was in fantastic shape in spite of she was more than 50 years old, Isabel cloistered herself where she lived along with her adopted sons and pets, she got to have more than 70 animals living all together.

Finally in 1996, she was convinced to return the movies in not success film “la dama regresa” (the Lady is back) by Jorge Polaco. A totally surprise for all was when she accepted to act in a Theatrical Production on summer of 1999, not by the play but she had never acted in theatre.

Nowadays Isabel Sarli has many offers to act in movies among them Opera Carmen’s Parody by Jorge Polaco.

Despite her 70 years old and some health troubles, Isabel Sarli is still a myth

* Taken from Pablo Sappere article

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