Scenes of Miss Universe 1977

Miss Universe 1977 was held in Dominican Republic where Jenny Commission of Trinidad & Tobago won, also she won Miss Photogenic award, and here is a graphic report about that.

Despite heavy national costume (20 pounds aprox), Janelle P. Commission smiles wearing it


Between rehearsal and rehearsal Miss Colombia, Aura María Mojica, a big favorite until last minute take a sit to rest


Miss Trinidad & Tobago Janelle Commission is talking with Dominican Republic Tourism Minister in one of the rest during rehearsals

The most waiting moment, seconds later Miss Trinidad & Tobago would be chosen as Miss Universe 1977, along her the rest of finalists, Scotland’s Sandra Bell, Colombia’s Aura María Mojica, Austria’s Eva M. Duringer and Germany’s Marie Lousie Gassen


Janelle Commission of Trinidad & Tobago is the first black woman to be chosen Miss Universe, the crowning to her successor in Acapulco Mexico in 1978 brought controversy when she crowned as Miss Universe at Margaret Gardiner, Miss South Africa, a white girl coming from one of most racist countries in the world in those years, South Africa, and to have been crowned by a black woman was seen as "surreal"


Collaboration of Victor Balboa (Mexico)




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