Pictures about Miss Universe Pageant 1962

Norma Nolan of Argentina and Miss Universe 1962

Lizzie Hess, Miss Denmark with cigar in her hands receive the last changes at her swimsuit, just before one of the final sessions of Miss Universe held in New York, the girls from left are Miss Holland and Miss Iceland *****

When Eleftheria Delutsi Miss Greece heard the final decision of judges of Miss Universe held in Miami, she vanished last week, later she confess that she was pretty sure to get the crown and when she was aware about the judges’ decision “all her illusions fall down”

“American food is the worst, men are insensible and simple, the women clothes are silly and the Miss Universe Pageant held in Miami is a fiasco” expressed Lynette Gamble, Miss South Africa (left), when she go back her country said “Miss Argentina triumph is a political issue” and added “personally I think the real winner is Judith Mazor, Miss Israel (right)

Taking seriously to become a movie star, Norma Foster, Miss South Africa is putting all her resources like beauty, character, audacious and British accent, therefore chasing-talent are looking for her

In Miss Universe Pageant represents of Malaya and Singapore have serious chance to get the crown

Two women who are the target of glimpses of Hollywood producer Patricia Weightman called “queen of queens” in Colombia and Germany’s Marlene Schmidt Miss Universe 1961 who will give the crown soon, were photographed during fashion show in Bogota, Colombia, last week”

***** NOTE: Picture from Miss Universe 1960 and not Miss Universe 1962 (thank you Heidar Jonsson of Iceland)

Collaboration of Justino Aguilar (Mexico)


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