Miss Chile 1978, Marianne Muller
18 years old, 1.78 mts. tall
Journalist student
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French


Controversial is the word to describe Marianne’s trip to Acapulco, the beautiful Bay in Mexico, Marianne had travelled alone to represent Chile at Miss Universe Pageant 1978, but when she arrived at Acapulco’s airport along others Latin contenders, immigration delayed her entrance to Mexico, ironically the rest of the group were able to enter with out troubles, except her.

While a tired Marianne was waiting for an answer, the Mexican Miss Universe Organization asked for the owners of Miss Universe that she be returned and also that Chile not be permitted to participate in the 27th Edition of the Contest, even though the Franchise have been paid.

The conflict was because of current President of Chile, Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, there was not diplomatic relations between Mexico and Chile at that time. Fortunately the MUO rejected the petition and Chile was able to participate in the beauty Pageant.

Marianne became a big favourite along with Miss USA, Miss Spain, Miss South Africa and Miss Colombia, the Mexican comedian Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” expressed that he was astonished with the beauty of Miss Chile.

Luckily for Chileans, Marianne made it, as she ranked in the top 12, and finally placing 7th, and although Chilean people thought she could be the first Chilean Miss Universe, it would not happen until 1987 when Cecilia Bolocco would win the crown.

Nowadays Mariane Muller is one of the most remembered and dearest Miss Chile by Chileans.


Collaboration of Ramón Araya Zuñiga (Chile)


This anecdote is from the month: MARCH 2006

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