Gladys Zender, Miss Universe 1957

The only and charming Peruvian Miss Universe, Gladys Zender is a fine and elegant woman who belongs Peruvian Society, she spends time making ceramic art and taking care of her lovely 10 grandchildren who will be 11 coming soon!!, gifts of her 4 children, 2 women and 2 men, one of them is the international famous actor, Christian Meier, who is having success in soap operas in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and now is aired in USA’s Telemundo the soap opera “La Tormenta” (The storm) in a leading role. He just finished the movie “La mujer de mi hermano” (My brother’s wife) by prestigious Jaime Baily acting with Mexican actress Barbara Mori.

Our very own Gladys will be remember as one of the most beautiful Miss Universe, because of her serenity brunette beauty and because of being the first Latin American to reach the Miss Universe title.

Next year she will be honoured in Miami, celebrating her 50th anniversary being crowned as Miss Universe, she has confirmed her presence at event.

It’s worth noticing that she won at age of 17, and that’s why she was almost disqualified, she was also the last candidate to arrive at Contest, but step by step she were outstanding among all; due her style of walking and her Latin beauty along with an elegance sense of fashion, unusual in such younger at that age.

Besides she came with marvellous designs by Designer Lionel who made Gladys anatomy improve, curiosity among the 5 finalists, who were beautiful Miss Germany, Cuba, England and Brazil, they wore vaporous dresses but Gladys wore a magnificent dress tightened to the waist which let her show off her body. It was there, when the judges picked Gladys out.

from left to right, Miss Universe 1957 contestants and Miss Peru along with Miss USA who just days later would be disqualified because of found she is mother of one child and being married before

She showed off her beauty with class and elegance as a result of a magnificent education and intellectual skills not as often as young girls at 17 years old …

That’s why for us, Peruvian, she is and will be our eternal Miss Universe!

Gladys Gallery::

Gladys Zender being elected Miss Peru waves the audience who ovation her

Banner where is displayed some pictures of Gladys life

Gladys’ Autograph for Carlos as Miss Peru and then as Miss Universe

Proud parents congratulate the new Miss Universe, she was just 17 years old

From left to right, Gladys wearing a National Costume of Peru and being crowned as Miss Universe 1957, meanwhile in Peru, that July 20th, the streets seemed a Carnival, people were honking theirs horn cars, for first time a Latinamerican woman was chosen Miss Universe

From left to right, this is one of the pictures who identify Gladys as glamorous and as Miss Universe 1957 of Peru, it is the most known picture of her, and Gladys just married with Antonio Meier

A spectacular candidate participated at Miss Peru, just few hours later, she turned into one of the most beautiful Miss Peru elected, months later her life would change when she got the Miss Universe 1957 title, marked her as “eternal” for Peruvian. On right picture, Gladys with Prince Juan Carlos, nowadays King of Spain


Article and pictures sent by Carlos Lagos (Peru)


This anecdote is from the month: MARCH 2006

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