The first Canadian Miss World

Cindy Breakspeare, gives Miss Jamaica Body Beautiful 1977 trophy to her successor, Sandra Kong.

Canada has not won officially Miss World but, we can say that Canada already achieved it thanks to Cindy Jean Breakspeare the second Jamaican to reach the Miss World title.

Cindy Jane was born in Toronto, Canada, daughter a Jamaican father and Canadian mother. They moved to Jamaica in 1958 when she was 4 years old. She joined the Miss Jamaica body beautiful Pageant and in 1976 she participated in Miss World where she won. She married with famous star Bob Marley and got a son Damian Marley, few years later they would divorce. However the world famous song “Is this love” was written by Marley inspired by Cindy’s relation.

In 1982 she married Tom Tavares who got 2 children and she would divorce in 1995.

Now, she is married with musician Rupert Bent II, dedicating theirs lives to music.



Collaboration of Art (Canada)


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